An everyday event, but better

Are you watching GBBO? If so, you’ll understand why we’ve been wanting pancakes this week. As we have a rare morning today without the need to get out anywhere, or do anything, in a hurry, we decided to have pancakes for breakfast. Breakfast itself is of course nothing out of the ordinary. Cereal, toast, coffee, milk. But it can be a bit of an “every man for himself” kind of affair. We all sit huddled over our crunchy-rice-granola-pops, or whatever the cereal of choice is. This is especially true on weekdays, when daughter may be reading or watching something while she has breakfast, I may be having mine on the go while I make packed lunches and refill water bottles etc, and he will have his at work.
But this morning was different. I made some batter. We let it rest a little. He cooked it up. This is how we do pancakes. I’m better at making the batter. He’s better at cooking the pancakes. It’s a team effort. Daughter gets involved here and there, helping me measure the flour, giving the batter a stir, watching with delight as he flips a pancake up in the air and catches it deftly back in the pan. And of course she loves the eating part – with lemon juice and sugar, a traditionalist like me.
This is a better version of breakfast. All joining in. Camaraderie. I realise that in the modern world, where we all have things to do and places to be, we’re not realistically going to achieve this every day. But today’s breakfast was lush. And I hope this encourages us all to make the most of the little things. And to try to do it more often. Probably pancakes every morning would wear a bit thin, though I hope we’re not bored with it by tomorrow as we have some batter left over. But let’s make an effort to turn everyday events into something a little bit special. At least some of the time.