Gallery: Molly’s party

I went to a birthday party on Friday. MollyGa is a smart young lady who was having a disco with a group of friends. And at the other end of the hall I was there with hats, scarves, tinsel, a glittery background and a range of other props. And my camera of course. In between dancing the party guests were free to dress up and pose for photos. On their own or with friends. It was very popular and lots of fun. I’ve included a few of these “photo booth” style pics below.

If you’ve got a party coming up and would like something similar then please get in touch. It’s great fun for guests of any age, either as a key part of the entertainment or an added extra. If you’d prefer to have the focus on other aspects of the party then that’s fine too. Or I can do a “photo booth” style session AND take general party photos. I’m very happy to adjust to suit your individual needs, so if you’d like to discuss then just get in touch.