Gallery: Martin and Julia’s 60th

Martin and Julia had their 60th birthdays close together and celebrated with a joint party. With a roomful of friends and family they had a great evening. It would have been a real shame not to have something to remember it by, so I’m really pleased to say they arranged for me to take photos. I had a pleasant evening mingling with guests, taking a mix of informally posed photos and candids. With me doing that it meant that Martin and Julia could relax and enjoy the party safe in the knowledge that they’d have a bunch of pictures to look at after the event. A selection of photos can be seen below – I hope you’ll agree that they show that a good time was had by all.


Of course, party photos needn’t stop with just documenting your party. The photography can be a source of entertainment for guests with a good set of dress up props.

If you’ve got a party coming up this year, whether it’s a birthday (significant or otherwise), an anniversary, christening, engagement party, graduation celebration, charity ball or dinner, awards ceremony, or any other reason, then there are a number of reasons to consider having a professional photographer:

  • Get a great bunch of photos – a photographer will have the skills to get a consistently good shots. It’s in their interests to get the best pictures, showing everyone smiling and having fun, and plenty of interest. Generally this is a win-win situation – what’s good for them is also good for you.
  • Be confident that all angles will be covered. Sure your friends will have phones or cameras, but all too often relying on their snaps can result in a very varied mix, both in terms of quality and content. Everyone might take some photos of the more flamboyant guests or cutting the birthday cake, but will anyone think to get photos of Aunty Sarah sat quietly in the corner, or little Eddie thoroughly enjoy a secret slice of cake while Mum’s not looking? A photographer will keep their eyes open to make sure that nothing gets missed, including the little details that set the party off perfectly.
  • Be able to relax and enjoy the party. When you’ve worked hard to arrange a venue, food, drink, invitations, music, decorations etc then you want to be able to enjoy it! So let someone else focus on the photos while you enjoy a drink and a natter with friends or boogie the night away on the dance floor.

I love a good party, so please do let me know about any you’re having. It would be a pleasure to take photos for you, and it needn’t cost a fortune. Feel free to send me a message using the form below if you’d like to find out more.