Gallery: Jon and Mariona

I’ve been waiting to share these pictures with you. Jon and Mariona got married on 19th May but I had to give them a chance to see the photos and give approval before making this gallery. I think it’s important to give that courtesy and I hope you’ll think it’s been worth the wait? The wedding was at Tidmarsh Lane Registration Office in Oxford, which was a beautiful location and they were lovely about photography. Jon and Mariona were just lovely all round and I think you can see the love and happiness beaming all over them. After the ceremony we went to the castle gardens and a few other locations around Oxford –  including almost getting locked in the Bodlean library! The happy couple had a grand looking afternoon tea with their guests at the Randolph hotel, which was a beautiful part of a wonderfully relaxed day. It was a real pleasure to take their photos and I wish them many years of happiness to come.


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