Gallery: Angels Performing Arts

When I was asked to take some photos of the Angels last weekend I was delighted to accept, but not quite sure what I was letting myself in for. Turned out that I was in for a very busy time, but a whole load of fun! This is an amazing school teaching dance, singing and drama in Didcot to girls and boys of all ages. If you live in Didcot I’m sure you’ll have heard of them or perhaps watched them perform – I know they get involved in various community events. If you’ve not seen them then I recommend looking out for them at the Didcot Christmas Street Fair in a couple of weeks. I know they are working very hard to get their performances just right so it should be a good show.

I lost count of how many children I saw and photographed. Like I said it was a busy time. But it was all good and I got to see some fab moves being performed. I’ve supplied the full set of processed photos to the Angels, and I gather that parents will be able to see, and perhaps purchase, photos of their children from the school. Angel parents – if you like what you see then please consider me for any photos you want in the future.

A few parents have kindly agreed to let me show photos here, for which I am very grateful. I’d love to share them all with you, but of course they are not my children and I take privacy seriously, especially with young children. But I hope you agree that these girls all look very smart in their news Angels’ uniforms.