Gallery: A christening, candle and crown

I was lucky enough to attend a christening on Sunday. A beautiful baby girl. She had a lovely christening gown, all layers and lace, and a cute little crown. She looked intently at the minister, and gazed with wonder at the candle lit for her. I took plenty of photos, which I hope will help her family remember the special day. But this was a special occasion personal to the family, and they have requested that I don’t post photos. Yes a little bit of me is disappointed, but I respect their decision. So all I can show you is some pics of the church, and the candles, and I admit that I have sneaked in the edge of the christening gown. But there’s no adorable baby, no loving parents, no cute little crown. But that’s fine. And please be reassured that if you ask me not to post photos of you or you family, then I won’t.