Here are some galleries of work I’ve done.

Brody86 B’s Christening, July 2019

CCJune2019_138 Casbah Cafe June 2019

MJ60_106 Martin & Julia’s 60th

C&E32# Emma and Chris

2018Blake10 Mike and Lucy

FF4 Fleur Fest

PORT8 People and actions

_DSC0027 CF fundraiser

_DSC0129 (2) Jon and Mariona

Mayfair1813 Mayfair 2018

SFDPB183 School photo booth

REN1 Four cousins photo shoot

MOL12 Molly’s party

BFD7 Look, learn, laugh, love

Gild4 Jamie’s big day

MSND10 Blenheim charity ball

CG07175 Christening

EHF15# Hagbourne fun day

Daly4 Daly photo shoot

Evans06 Evans photo shoot

Butterflies_DSC0088 Butterflies open day

bux028 Buxey photo shoot

buxey13 Rebecca’s birthday bash

bluepie4 Blueberry Pie

lee4 Amanda and Wesley

2016dfw28 Dance for Wildlife 2016

_dsc0065Maggies’ culture crawl 2016

han1 Hancock family