Over on the blog part of this site you’ll find my random thoughts and experiences, along with a scattering of photos from my life. Here you’ll find galleries of work I’ve done for people.

Gallery: Mike and Lucy

Gallery: Fleur Fest

Gallery: People and actions

Gallery: CF fundraiser

Gallery: Jon and Mariona

Gallery: Gallery: Mayfair 2018

Gallery: School photo booth

Gallery: Four cousins photo shoot

Gallery: Molly’s party

Gallery: Look, learn, laugh, love

Gallery: Jamie’s big day

Gallery: Blenheim charity ball

Gallery: Christening

Gallery: Hagbourne fun day

Gallery: Daly photo shoot

Gallery: Evans photo shoot

Gallery: Butterflies open day

Gallery: Buxey photo shoot

Gallery: Rebecca’s birthday bash

Gallery: Blueberry Pie

Gallery: Amanda and Wesley

Gallery: Dance for Wildlife 2016

Gallery: Maggies’ culture crawl 2016

Gallery: Hancock family