We shall remember them

Remembrance Day. A bright sunny afternoon, a little fresh perhaps but quite mild really for the time of year. I went to Didcot’s remembrance parade, partly for the sake of the parade, to remember, and partly to watch my daughter parade with the guides. And how surprised I was, and how proud, to see her chosen to lay a wreath.

Wedding photography

I do love a wedding. And if you ask me to do your wedding photos I’d be delighted, and also honoured. Because I realise both how special that day is, and that it is important to catch the emotions and beauty and joy of the day. Partly because memories fade, partly because there will be people who can’t make it to the big day, and partly because the happy couple won’t be able to see everything on the day. The bride won’t see the groom waiting for her arrival. The groom won’t see her having her veil adjusted as she gets out of the car. Maybe neither will see the bridesmaids playing in the corner. But they can see photos of it all later.


So having established some of the reasons for wedding photography, and valued its importance, I want to make sure I can do my very best for each and every couple. With that in mind I went on a workshop about wedding photography this weekend. This gave me the chance to refresh skills, learn new ones, pick up tips and learn about trends. All of which will make me better prepared for future weddings.


It was a good event, and very useful. The lovely Ms S and Mr M modelled in a variety of poses, including sitting on a bridge, a wall and the floor. We did miss most of the rain, but the weather wasn’t great, so thanks to them for their patience outside in the cold. I’ve got lots to reflect on and am really looking forward to my next shoots. I hope you like these pics in the meantime. And if you, or someone you know, is getting married then please do get in touch – I’d love to discuss your plans with you and see if I can give you a beautiful set of photos to help you remember your special day.

Weddings, and whizz-bangs

It could have been a quiet weekend. I had no bookings and we had no family plans. But instead I took myself to photography school, to learn more about wedding photography. It’s called Continual Professional Development, a way to keep improving, learning, bettering oneself. In this case it was also a good deal of fun.

The workshop I went on was organised by the Royal Photographic Society and held at Lacock in Wiltshire. A good mix of classroom and practical sessions.  To save travel I stayed over at nearby Chippenham, and even managed to find a bonfire & firework display to attend on Saturday evening. More photography on Sunday, including an outdoor session down by the river. I didn’t have the right shoes to paddle in the river, but a couple of others did. The things we do for a good photo!

And then today being the 5th of November we had sparklers after tea. And we’ve even got a few sparklers left over for my birthday next week. I’ve put a selection of pics below to show a bit of what I’ve been up to this weekend and hope to have about the workshop, and some of the photos, tomorrow.



If you go down to the woods today…

… don’t drop your mobile phone.

Yes, I was foolish enough to let my phone fall from my pocket today while I was taking photos in Didcot’s Millenium Wood. Thankfully for me someone found it later while walking her dog and I was reunited with the phone a couple of hours later – thank you nice lady! So the lesson is be careful when you’re kneeling on the floor taking photos of moss and the base of a tree.


With bonfire night on Monday I’m sure there will be plenty of fireworks going off this weekend. If you’re going to a display or having your own at home remember to be safe, wrap up warm and have fun. If you fancy trying to get some fireworks photos then do use a tripod if at all possible – you’ll be working with longer exposures then usual and it’s SO important to keep the camera steady. Assuming you’ve got some distance between you and the fireworks then manually focusing on infinity should do the trick, especially if you’ve got a mid-range aperture to give you some depth of field. After that experiment with shutter speed; the great thing about digital photography is that you can review and adjust. And don’t forget to include some shots of your family and friends enjoying themselves – photographing sparklers is always good fun and silhouettes against the bonfire can look great. I’m not sure if I’ll get to see any fireworks this weekend – I’m away on a photography weekend, an early birthday present from my husband. But come back in a few days and see how I got on.

Have a great weekend!

Wey-hey! A Weymouth away day

We’ve just had a couple of nights away in Dorset. As yesterday was a lovely bright day, if a little chilly, we went to the seaside. Weymouth. I promised my family I wouldn’t drag loads of kit around or spend hours fiddling around – they are very patient and generous with the time they hang around indulging me but I felt this should be family time more than anything. So I took minimal kit (one camera, one lens, one mini tripod, one filter) and grabbed a bit of time on the beach before lunch, and otherwise fitted in quick snaps.

The filter was one I’ve had for a while but not used yet. A variable density neutral density filter. So I popped it on the camera, set to maximum density and used a low ISO as it was a bright day. I set a long exposure and put the camera on a mini tripod down on the beach close to the waves. I tried a load of variations with exposures between 1 second and 20 seconds. I tried some with a burst of flash followed by the long exposure to catch ambient light. Overall I was disappointed with the results, though I kind of liked the one above where the flash has caught the waves and created a sparkly trail. I think I need to keep trying, in particular finding a better view/angle, and really try a range of exposure conditions. Most importantly I need to be methodical, keeping all but one thing constant and then working through the full range of settings, rather than flitting about changing several things at once. Then I might get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. But that will take more time than I was prepared to invest yesterday. However it was a start and I have now got that filter out of the box.

My favourite snaps from the rest of the weekend are shown below. I hope you like something from them at least.


Busy busy busy … and paws

So much going on at the moment. It’s exciting and a little bit scary and my head is beginning to spin slightly if I’m honest.

Last week was rather busy as we had two nights out at the theatre to see Dave Gorman and Ross Noble. And I had two nights at our local arts centre (Didcot Cornerstone), one for choir and one to find out about Oxfordshire Artweeks. Last night I went to a networking event with wedding suppliers – it was good fun and informative (who knew that “Bride” originally meant cake or that May is the unluckiest month to get married?) and I met some lovely people, including the amazingly tricksy Jono Blythe. So there’s all of that to be thinking about plus a couple of other ideas at the back of my mind, AND I’m taking photos at a dance show this coming weekend. No wonder I feel a bit dizzy – one of the speakers said last night that we can only hold 7 ideas in our head at one time.

But for a bit this afternoon I did stop – I sat peacefully on the sofa with my big old soft, soppy, nincompoop of a cat (pictured above) snuggled up on my lap. It was lush, even though it did only last about ten minutes. We all need a little time out, whether it’s to stroke the cat or the dog, or to read a book, or have a bath, or a nap, or a walk, to call an old friend, or a new one, to sit in silence or listen to some music. Today is World Mental Health day, so I hope you have or you will make sure you take a bit of time out. And not just today, but whenever you need it, because in today’s busy life we should all pause (or paws) for a bit once in a while. One of my favourite things to “nourish my soul” is to get outside, spend a bit of time with nature. With all the other things going on it’s probably a good job that I got out to do just that at the Harcourt Arboretum last Friday – I hope you like this selection of photos. And please let me know your go-to time out activities – I know we’re all different, but it’s good to share ideas.



What do I get, oh-oh, what do I get?

I’ve been trying to explain to somebody what they get if they make a booking with IAEP. And now I’ve got the Buzzcocks song as an earworm. Still, it could be worse.

Anyway, to answer the question – what DO you get? Let’s say you’re planning an event (wedding or party, say) and you decide you’d like a photographer. You do a search and find my details and make a call or ping off an email – what happens next?


Jan 10 Hello

You get in touch and give me some basic information, what/where/when/how long and I give you a price. There may be a bit more communication by phone or email, or possibly a short meeting, giving you a chance to ask any questions, then when you’re happy to make a booking you send me a deposit and I save the date for you.


Placeholder Image


Depending on where the event is happening I may go and have a look to see what space there is, where the best locations for photos will be etc. Closer to the event I’ll meet you, go through all details, discuss your requirements and preferences, make sure we all know what will happen on the day etc. I will ask you plenty of questions and take notes, and you can of course ask me anything you want too.   I want your event to run as smoothly as possible so this is where any potential issues get ironed out.


On the day of your event, I will make sure I am set up and ready to go shortly before the agreed start time so that I can then concentrate on doing the best for you. I’ll obviously capture all the key elements, as agreed with you beforehand. And I’ll add as many candid shots or extras as I can to build up a full picture of your event. I’ll try to fit in around you if possible, without taking over your day, though depending on your event there will be times I have to take the lead in order to take specific agreed photos. Whatever happens I will of course be professional, friendly, and as helpful as I can be along the way.


Placeholder Image

After the event I will check each and every photo for technical and aesthetic quality. I’ll make minor adjustments if necessary and copy all images of good enough  quality onto a USB memory stick for you. You can then look at the images at your leisure and discuss requests for printing or photobooks, if required. Alternatively you can arrange your own printing, and of course you may share images with friends, on social media etc. And it goes without saying that if you have any concerns at any stage I will do my best to help.

So now you know. So if you book with IAEP there should be no nasty surprises. Only good ones.



So here it is, merry autumn everybody

The equinox. This morning was wet. The sort of rain I mentioned yesterday. We were very pleased to be inside. Daughter drew kiwi fruit for her art homework and made a start with her history homework. I messed about online. We watched the end of last night’s Strictly.

Then it dried up and I decided to go out to Waterperry Gardens. It’s a beautiful place with big bold herbaceous borders, little pockets of intimacy in enclosed gardens, a variety of apple and pear trees in long rows, and other gems besides. The leaves were beginning to show autumn hues, but many of the flowers were purple. There was also an exhibition of sculptures that were beautiful, though a bit beyond my budget.

Two hours wasn’t long enough really, but it fed my soul. And it meant I got home in time to feed my family and, as a bonus, before it rained again. Besides, I’ve got an annual pass now so I can go back to Waterperry again whenever I need to nourish my soul again.

Autumn is definitely here

Well tomorrow is the equinox, so some would say it’s downhill from here on until the end of the year? As an autumn-lover I’d say we’ve got some cracking times just ahead of us, but even so it is sad to see the daylight hours dwindling. Also, the rain we’ve had today has done little to cheer the soul. It’s just been grey and miserable, while kind of neither one thing nor the other. Too wet to want to be outside for long. Not wet enough to be decent raindrops-running-down-the-windows rain where you can cosy up indoors, peering at raindrops racing on the window and commenting, “Ooooh it’s so wet out there, I’m glad we’re all warm and dry in here!”

So what DO you do on a day like this? We hijacked my nephew and his wife and their son to come for lunch with us near Winchester. Inside the pub we had little idea of the weather. Instead we were focused on pie, chips, scampi, pasta, peas, sticky toffee pudding, prosecco sorbet, banofee pie, doughnuts and a snickerbockerglory. And my little great-nephew of course. Such a smiley little boy (when he wants to be) he entertained us all with baby high-fives, stickers, colouring with a water pen, and a little wooden horse.


If you’d like a bit of colour to brighten up this grey day, then have a look at the gallery from Emma and Chris‘s wedding. The orange colour they used in the flowers, buttonholes, and other decorations was so bright and sunny. It wasn’t just the flowers though that were beaming – so many bright smiles in the photos.

I hope the weather improves for my nephew and his family as this is their holiday week. Having one or two pub lunches when it’s raining can be seen as a good thing, but I’m sure they’d like to get out and about most of the time. After all, there’s still time for an ice cream at the sea side if we get a decent afternoon.


It’s nice to be in print

I took some photos this summer for the Camphill Village Trust and today I got to see some of them being used in their newsletter. I visited their “Delrow Central” cafe and also the allotments at St Albans back in July – both of which were lovely places to visit. Kat, Gemma, Joy and Ed all made me feel very welcome. The cafe had just received its 5 star food hygiene rating when I visited, and there were brand new chicks at the allotment so both visits were quite exciting. So thank you to all at Camphill Village Trust for all your kindness.

I’ve added a few more pics from the allotments below – such a good afternoon.

Changing seasons

I’m hopeful that we have some cracking autumn days ahead of us, but I think autumn has come and that the hot summer of 2018 is heading towards being a thing of legend. Strictly has started, the proms are over, schools are all back, Doctor Who is on the way and I’ve had to get my slipper socks out of the drawer. It’s not all bad news though. I’m looking forward to half term already, and Halloween and Bonfire Night. Autumn colours, playing with leaves, cosy jumpers, baked apples, apple crumble, slow cooked stews and lighting a fire.

Before long we’ll be seeing shiny things in the shops with twinkling lights and a magical feeling in the air. There will also be parties and celebrations, catching up with friends, with music, food, drinks and dancing. If you’ve got an event coming up then why not think about photography? Maybe you’d like general shots of the event, people, food, drinks, dancing etc. Maybe you’d like a “photo corner” offering photobooth style pics with a range of dress up props? IAEP can offer either of these services so do get in touch for a no obligation quote, tailored to your requirements.


St Giles’ Fair x 2

We went not once, but twice, to St Giles’ Fair in Oxford this week. The fair is held on the Monday and Tuesday following the first Sunday after St Giles’ Day (1 September). It dates back to 1625 when it was a parish festival to celebrate the feast of St Giles, the patron saint of cripples. In the 18th century it was a toy fair, then in the early 19th century it was a general children’s fair.  The funfair grew during mid and late Victorian times.

We only had a brief visit on Monday but long enough to try the Ferris wheel, which terrified me. It took me about 5 or 6 rotations to open my eyes! Thankfully I was not put off and we had another go on Tuesday, when we had a return visit to the fair. That time I really enjoyed it. My daughter was a bit scared of the height, but much better than me. She also had a go on one of the many fun-houses, and won a toy unicorn. Of course there were plenty of food stalls at the fair and we enjoyed donuts and candy floss.


St Giles’ Day will be a Sunday next year, so based on the information above the first Sunday AFTER that will be September 8th, so the fair will be on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th. So we might not get to go next year. But if I’ve got it wrong and the fair is on the 2nd and 3rd, see you there!

It may be small, but I have a photo exhibited!

Do you remember I mentioned that the Cornerstone were asking for photos for inclusion in their 10th anniversary exhibition this September?  Well I submitted some photos and one of them has been included. So I popped in this morning to have a spy. I confess it took me a few moments to spot it, as it is just a little photo included as part of a bigger one, but there it was. The exhibition seems to show activities at Cornerstone, with large photos of dancers, artists, children making lanterns, and some small abstract photos added in the corners. My contribution is multi-coloured spinning light up toys on sale at the Didcot street fair, included bottom left of a photo of a boy. If you do go past Cornerstone, maybe have a quick look at the exhibition? It’s free and you might see someone you know??

1 wedding + 1 canal + family visits = great weekend

I’ve got my parents visiting this weekend, so just sneaking in this post while they have a lie in. It’s lovely having family visits, and thankfully they understood that I went out the first night to take photos at Chris & Emma’s wedding. What a great couple they are. I can’t share any photos just yet as they haven’t had a chance to see them, but later in the month…

We had a visit to Newbury on Saturday to have a little stroll along the canal. We were fortunate enough to see the swing bridge and the lock in action, which pleased my daughter. Especially when she got to see the lock in operation and even help a bit.

My parents have taught her how to play crib – and refreshed my memory – so we now have a new game to play. We’ve also introduced my parents to Dobble and Scoop. Because having family here isn’t all about trips out and good food (though I think we’ve had our share of that) but about time together, catching up, playing games, sharing tales. This was definitely the case when Mum’s sister and her family came to see us yesterday. My daughter and my cousin’s daughter had fun playing games and going to the park; the grown ups had a good natter; and plenty of tea and cake were consumed. A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Didn’t we have a lovely time?

We’ve survived the family summer holiday. A week in the North East of England, visiting old friends and old haunts. It’s 16 years since we left Newcastle to come to Oxfordshire so we were well overdue a visit.

We saw nine old friends and made two new ones. We visited Tynemouth, Newcastle, Whitley Bay, Alnwick, Holy Island (Lindisfarne), Harrogate and York. We saw our old houses, travelled our old commute to work, saw pubs, shops, museums, and bridges that brought back memories, and noted the changes since we left. We had the best fish and chips we’ve had in 16 years. We visited historical and frivolous attractions and generally had a week of plain old fun.

Despite a week of busy days and plenty of activity I do feel refreshed by a good holiday. So with my batteries recharged I’m now taking bookings for the tail end of 2018 and through into 2019 and beyond.

I hope to hear from you soon, but in the meantime here are a few holiday snaps. I hope you enjoy them!


Please use the form below if you would like to get in touch, or email me at

The fun of the fair

Last night I posted about my photographic activities over the past few days. I’d been to the Natural History and Pitt Rivers museums in Oxford and I finished with talk about going to the fair. I’m pleased to say the rain held off and we did go out. Getting there at 8.30pm it was all very quiet, one of the crew told me that on weekdays they tend to have a family audience who come in the afternoon and early evening. So there wasn’t so much going on by the time we got there, but the sky and the impact of the fairground lights as the sun went down made up for I think. I hope you agree. So here are a few pics from the museum and the fair. Not much happening today and not sure about tomorrow yet, but you never know so do come back and check up on what I’ve been snapping.


I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to get in touch about anything photographic. And don’t forget I’ve got a half-price offer on at the moment if you get in touch by 10pm on Sunday 12th August and book a 1 hour photo shoot to take place by the end of September 2018. Use the form below, or on my contact page to take advantage of this special offer celebrating my 2 year anniversary with In Any Event Photography.

Busy life for a 2 year old

So much going on at the moment. My family are away and I had planned to have a day out at Kew Gardens but with the crazy heat we’ve been having I decided to put that off for a bit as I didn’t think I’d really get the most out of it if 50% or more of the time was spent in search of shade or a drink.

However, I did take the photos at Lucy & Mike’s wedding on Saturday, and then process all the images for them. I can show you a sneak peek now, but nothing more until they’ve had a real chance to look and comment. But then I hope to add them to my gallery selection, so do come back and check in a week or so. It was a FANTASTIC day, and the bride looked particularly radiant. They had put so much thought into everything too – a real sign of how much they care for and love all their family and friends.


With Mike and Lucy’s wedding barely over I’ve also been making plans with Chris and Emma, who are getting married at the end of the month -and fitting in some cuddles with their very friendly dog while we were chatting! Sounds like their wedding will be another good event, and I hope to have some great photos to show you (with the Bride and Groom’s permission of course) afterwards.

All that aside I’ve fitted in some photos for fun, including this amazing evening sky the other night. And today I went with my friend Claire to Oxford’s Pitt Rivers and Natural History museums. I’ve not had a chance to look at those photos yet though, and depending on the weather in the next 15 minutes we may go out to see the local funfair this evening – see it really is all go!


And more exciting perhaps than all of this is the fact that today is the 2nd anniversary of the first photoshoot by In Any Event Photography. I started with a family photoshoot with the Hancock Family. To celebrate this achievement I am happy to offer a 50% discount on any 1 hour photoshoot where contact is made through this website before 10pm on Sunday 12th August, and the shoot takes place before the end of September 2018. The discount price of £30 will get you 1 hour photoshoot at your house or at an agreed location (within 15 miles of Didcot) and supply of edited images on a USB memory stick.

Contractions and expansions

Oh my word. It feels like a month since the trip to the zoo. But it’s only been one short week. Yes it feels like a month, because we’ve done so much. But also like a couple of days because it’s flown by so fast.

So what have we done that’s made time contract and expand all at the same time? Well, the zoo trip was the start of a lovely week with my family in Norwich. As a Freeman of the city. I was lucky enough to enjoy a special visit to the Museum of Norwich. And over the week I also had a chance to see familiar sights in the city, as well as discover a couple of new ones. Another new place for me was out of the city. My father took me and my daughter to Ranworth Broad, where the ducks were very enthusiastic about us once we’d bought a box of food.


I also had a fun, if exhausting, day with my sister and my daughter looking for decorated hares all round the city. We followed a trail of 50 giant hares, and though we didn’t manage to find all of them we were quite happy with 43. Six of my favourites are shown below. It was a very hot day and 43 hares took us about 5.5 miles on foot round the city, so I think we did pretty well, considering.


Our last afternoon in Norwich wasn’t actually in Norwich, but in Lowestoft. I had many childhood holidays in Lowestoft so if should have been really familiar. And a lot of it was. There are still two piers with amusement arcades, and “Tides Reach” (selling drinks and buckets and spades, inflatables, hats and a myriad of other seaside paraphernalia) next to the fish and chip shop (which we visited for tea). But the beach is different. Sandy parts are now stony, and stony bits are now sandy. But what glorious, golden sand! Daughter and I played on the beach for an hour, digging and paddling. And the water was warm! And the gardens on the front weren’t up to old standards. Some of this will be due to the recent spell of hot weather, but some is just the changes that come with time. An afternoon in Lowestoft was still wonderful though, especially in such lovely weather.


I’ll try to keep this blog up to date with the best photos of what’s happening during the holidays. But please excuse me if I’m having too much fun to do it frequently!

School’s out for summer

I guess today feels like the first proper day of the school holidays, because so far it’s been weekend time. Not that we’ve wasted that time: oh no the summer holidays really got off to a good start with the Little Mix concert in Earlham Park, Norwich on Saturday night, and a multi-generational family trip to Banham Zoo yesterday. It was lovely to see my sister, my niece and nephew and their families, especially the little ones. I think lots of fun was had by all.

And remember summer holidays gives more time for photos, so if you’d like anything doing now’s a great time to get in touch. Whether that’s parties or portraits I’d love to hear from you.



I think we can all agree we’ve had an unusually long run of fine weather recently. I’ve managed to enjoy it this weekend as we had family visiting so life was a bit more relaxed. But even before the weekend started I had a fun Friday afternoon at one of the sites of the Camphill Village Trust. I met and photographed some wonderful people there in the Delrow Central cafe. I’m going to another CVT site next week and hope to be able to share some pictures with you after that.

The rest of the weekend has been with family. We set up a paddling pool for my daughter, spent time in the garden, went for a fantastic lunch on Saturday, had some beer on Didcot’s Boundary Park in the evening and enjoyed a few hours at Cuttleslowe park today.


My hometown

A bit of me will always think of Norwich as home. But for the past 16 years Didcot has been home. And of course over that time I’ve taken photos of it. So I was very interested to hear about an exhibition coming to Didcot’s Cornerstone arts centre in September to celebrate their 10th anniversary.


Yes, there’s a chance that photos taken by you (or me) might make it into the exhibition. The information says that they particularly want

abstract images that show detail, texture, creativity and colour. We would love as many of you to get involved in this project as possible!

So I shall be looking through my archives and in addition I went out snapping last night. I hope you inspire you to go out and take some photos and maybe you, or me, or both of us can share a wall come September?

If you’ve got any comments then please get in touch

Ghostly images

Do you recall that I said I was thinking about a long term project? Well yesterday I went out in my lunch break and made a start. You probably won’t see any results for some months but while I was out on the grass I saw plenty of people walking, or even running, past. And so I got thinking about long exposures and taking some pictures down at floor level to get some kind of trail as people crossed my field of view. I had no idea what settings to use, so there was a lot of trial and error and lots of pictures of empty grass, but eventually (and typically just before I had to go back to the office) I got a few that I rather like.

A hot day at the park

Phew, it was scorching on the park this afternoon. How the Paw Patrol characters, or the football players managed I’m not sure. But it was all in a good cause, raising money for cystic fibrosis, and I hope everyone had a good time like us, but without the twisted ankle of course! Yes unfortunately my daughter had a little accident which meant we had to go home early, but an afternoon of rest and she’s fine now. It means of course that we didn’t get to see the raffle drawn, so if you won the voucher from In Any Event Photography please get in touch to arrange.

There is a gallery of pics – thanks to all who let me take their pictures – over on my Galleries page, just follow the link from there. I met some lovely people this afternoon and if anyone wants or needs to get in touch then please email me at or use the form below.

One last time

I’m off to school tonight. My daughter’s primary school. But not for much longer, because she’s in Year 6 and leaving in 3 weeks. Last week I took some photos of the Year 6 children – when I’ve checked with parents to get permissions to share photos online – I’ll put a few in a gallery. But I’m going back tonight to do some more Year 6 photos, setting up a photo booth at their sleepover. Yes, the children are sleeping at school tonight! Though how much sleep they’ll get is yet to be seen. Anyway I’ll have gone by then, but hopefully not before I’ve got some fun photos of them all dressed up with hats/scarves/glasses and other props. Speaking of which here are a couple of similar photos from a similar session I did at a charity fundraiser last weekend. If you’d like a photo booth at an event, whether that’s a fundraising event or a party then get in touch. I can provide a backdrop, lighting, props, camera (of course!), not forgetting my time to take the photos. I offer 2 services: photography plus supply of processed photos on a USB stick after the event (prices start at £60 for 1 hour’s photography); or for an additional fee I can print photos at the event for guests to take home. It makes great entertainment for the young, or the young at heart. So please get in touch to discuss!


Long term projects

I’m a bit late telling you this, but each June I look forward to checking up on a website I’ve been following for well over 10 years now. I take my hat off to it’s owner, Diego Goldberg, for dedication to the long term project. He started this project, The arrow of time  in 1976 and it’s still going strong. I’ll let Diego describe his project:

On June 17th, every year, the family goes through a private ritual:
we photograph ourselves to stop, for a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by.

I find it fascinating, watching the little changes year on year. Well the changes in Diego are little, his wife Susy seems to change a bit more between photos, largely due to changing hairstyle and clothing fashions. But even the little changes add up, and over 40 years you can see the effects of time. Because I don’t think the arrow of time passes us by, but pulls us with it through the years. Over the early years of the project we are introduced to Diego and Susy’s three boys. Now they are grown men, with their own wives and, in some cases, children of their own. And boy, don’t those boys take after their father!

When I look at this, I think I should start a long-term photo project of my own. I’ve got a couple of ideas (a tree and a field near home) but I never know when to start. Do I start now, while I’m thinking of it? Or wait until we get better weather? Or wait until January. new year and all that? I guess I should just get on with it rather than prolonging the dithering. Hopefully I’ll have some developments to report on soon. In the meantime enjoy making friends with the Goldberg family.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

They say that the shoemakers children are poorly shod. What about the photographer’s children? Do they never have their photo taken? Well if I look through the ever-growing volume of photos on my computer I’d have to say that’s not true. But today, on her 11th birthday that was partly the case as thoughout most of the day – birthday breakfast, present opening, fun with friends – I forgot to pick the camera up, or did it in such a hurry that the results weren’t great. That can be the problem, it can be difficult to be the one organising the fun and get some decent photos.  At least I got a couple of reasonable cake shots and one of the birthday girl.


If your little ones (or not-so-little-anymore ones) are celebrating and you want to make sure you don’t miss out or mess up the photos then do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Making (and breaking) the rules

Bank Holiday Monday and no plans. To be fair we hadn’t planned on being in this country today, which is why we had no plans. But that plan changed. So daughter and I decided to visit some local gardens (Waterperry) which pleased her because they have a gnome hunt on for half-term, and pleased me because I could take my camera.

So while I was thinking about what kit to take, I decided to do something a bit different. I decided to set myself a rule of only taking black and white photos. I set my camera to monochrome and off we went. The gardens were a treat. Big herbaceous borders full of colour. Mmmm, not very inspiring in B&W. Maybe my nan, who used to watch snooker on a black and white telly, would have appreciated it, but I thought it just looked a bit limp. OK then, if I couldn’t rely on colour to make my photos sing, then what. Texture? Shapes? Patterns? I quickly adapted to predicting what would work in monochrome and ended up fairly pleased with most of the results. But however hard I tried I could not get a satisfactory picture of the wisteria in B&W. So we came home and downloaded everything from the memory card, started to play and discovered that although I had set the camera to monochrome and was seeing everything in black and white the colour information was still there. So I decided to break my rule and turned the colour back on for one photo only. As a nod to playing by the rules I faded the colour out somewhat – as seen in the main image at the top of this page – but it’s definitely there. And in my opinion the photo is all the better for it.


And the gnomes? We found them all, and daughter unscrambled their names and won the prize. So a good day out for everyone.

If you have any comments on this, or would like to discuss your photography needs feel free to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Science + Photography = Cool

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending a photo walk at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. This was organised by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, to give keen photographers the chance to look round some areas of the site, and take photos of the science stuff there. I got to see Scientific Computing and the Central Laser Facility. This was all very interesting and I’m pleased with some of the photos. I’ve put some on display below – which one is your favourite?


It’s the day of the wedding

May 19th 2018. A great day for a wedding. I’m up early, enjoying a peaceful coffee while I go over this afternoon’s photography in my mind, so that I’m all ready for Jon and Mariona. I know there are other weddings going on today, my my focus will be on this special couple getting married in Oxford. The sun is out already, the forecast is great and I’m looking forward to an amazing afternoon. I’d like to wish great happiness for all couples getting married today, but particularly for Jon and Mariona. May they have many blissful years ahead of them.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

For the past two or three weeks I’ve been using the new link road near us for my commute to work, and every morning I see this tree. And every morning I think that it’s just a bit of fantastic view, this one tree with the yellow rape seed in the background. Of course when I’m driving it’s gone in a flash, but still.

So this morning I went out there. And on a sunny day like today it was well worth dragging myself out of bed before anyone else in the family was properly awake. Because I wasn’t whizzing past in a car I was able to stop and really enjoy it. Even the noise from traffic on the neighbouring A34 didn’t spoil it. So I hope you like the view as much as I did. And I hope we all enjoy the rest of this bank holiday weekend.

More options are on the way

I’m a little bit excited right now, having just ordered my first photo printer. It’s just a little one, so it’ll be nice and portable. So if I’m taking photos at a party or similar, I’ll be able to produce some prints on the spot.

So now if you want pics taking at a party or event I can offer

  • Photos on the day

Pros: prints available at the event to increase the fun and share with guests
Cons: printing time reduces time I can spend taking photos; added costs of prints

  • Edited photos supplied on after the event on a memory stick

Pros: photos can be tweaked to give optimal results; keeps costs down
Cons: Have to wait for the photos

As you can see each option has pros and cons, so you can always opt for a mix of both – a little bit of printing on the day (perhaps to give guests a little souvenir or to display to parents picking children up?) followed up by the full set of processed images supplied on a memory stick so that you can print more and share as much as you wish?

Either way, having In Any Event Photography can always add a little extra fun to your event, whether you want instant results or not. I can set up a special photo area for fun shots (I can provide a background and props) or I can take photos of the event, capturing natural shots of the fun unfolding. Or I can do a bit of each. My prices are reasonable, I’ll adapt to your needs to give you what works best for you, and I offer a good, friendly service. And of course I’m fully insured. So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re having a party or special event and would like any photos taking.




A little East Coast road trip

Oh my, this time last week I was in New York. All packed up and ready to come home, but I was there. We’d had a great couple of weeks in America despite rain, fog and even snow. I took plenty of pics, of course, after all there’s always something to see. But I was a good mum and made sure I included family snaps as well as the sights. It was actually nice to have a chance to photograph my daughter. I took hundreds of shots of her when she was young, and she was always ready with a cheesy grin. But no she’s growing up she’d a bit more self-conscious and as likely to frown as to smile when I point the camera at her. But it’s different on holiday, isn’t it? Anyway, here are a dozen pics of my lovely young lady, and one of a much older lady we saw on our travels, in what was one of favourite pics from the holiday.



Party time

I’ve been having a play this weekend with Pic Collage. It’s tag line is “party with your photos” and that’s just what I’ve doing. I’ve used party photos to make a set of collage photos, one using photos from more grown up parties, one with photos from children’s birthday parties, and one with “photo booth” style pics with props to dress up with. It’s been a lot of fun and I hope you’ll like them.

First the grown ups:


Then the children:


And lastly the dress up/photo booth photos:


Of course I must say thanks to everyone that’s allowed me to share photos of them (or their children) online. I hope you like the collages. Please remember everyone that if you’re planning a special party whether it’s for children or grown ups, do consider letting me do some photography for you. I can take photos to document the party itself, showing the celebrations and guests (young or young-at-heart) having fun, or I can set up a photo area and become part of the party entertainment. Either way I’ll give you good service and value. Just get in touch using the form below, or by email to if you’d like to discuss.

Party on, dudes!


Has Spring sprung?

So the first day of Spring eh? Could have fooled me.

To be fair it’s not just been the cold that’s kept me at home the past few days, my daughter has tonsillitis. I’m getting impatient to be out taking photos, so have been looking at ViewBug for inspiration. I’m trying to look for photos like this to make me feel warm inside, rather than ones like this – gorgeous as he is I’m feeling cold enough already.

To brighten us all up though, as a special Spring offer I’m pleased to offer 25% off any booking confirmed by the end of April 2018, and taking place by Sunday 23rd September  2018 (the start of Autumn). So if you’ve got an event coming up – hop to it and get in touch (use the form below or email to discuss how I can help.


Happy Mother’s Day

I got taken out for breakfast this morning, which was lovely. A touch too chilly to sit comfortably outside at the Waterfront, Benson, but not far off. Full up on sausage, bacon, egg, baked beans, black pudding and toast we went for a stroll round the castle grounds at nearby Wallingford. Back at home this afternoon it’s been a quiet afternoon for me, while the rest of the family play games and soon we’ll be having a some lovely roast beef and yorkshire puddings.

If you’re looking to arrange a treat (or an extra treat!) for your mother, it’s not too late to get in touch and arrange for some photos. Maybe she’d like photos of her family, or of herself? Either way let me know if you’d like some relaxed photos taking.

And of course, let me say an extra special thank you to my own Mum for everything she’s done over the years. Love you and Hope you’ve had a lovely day  xx


Party, party, party


Do you have a birthday or other party coming up? How about having some photo booth style pics taken? Popular with adults and children alike, it can add to the fun and give you a lot of happy pics to giggle over and remember the event by. Photos make great little keepsakes to give to guests as little thank yous of course.

I can run this service alongside a disco, or other party activity. And while I’m there I can always take photos of other party activities such as blowing out the candles. Or I can just concentrate on the party if you don’t want a photo booth. Either way, if I’m at your party I’ll get you some great pics while you concentrate on having fun.


This has been a popular activity at recent events, and clients have been very happy with the outcome.

Thank you so much for all your hard work tonight Sam!!! You’re a star!!!!!

I love this pic!

If you provide the venue and guests I can bring backdrop and props, and photo kit of course! I’ll take plenty of photos then get you a set of digital files asap for you to share, email, print etc as much as you like.

So if you’re in the mood for a party then please get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you.

Spring in my step


The wind might have been chilly, but it was nice to see a bit of sunshine this afternoon. Had a quick trip to the park after pick up from school, and a walk down to pick up train tickets from the station. I loved these big blue sky and fluffy clouds. And the train tickets? Well we’re going to the Big Bang Fair next weekend – hopefully all the science will lead to some interesting photos? Come back and have a look soon.


Art and craft

We had a visit to the River and Rowing Museum at Henley today. Partly to get out of the house and partly because I wanted to see the Barbara Hepworth and yarn bombing exhibitions there.

Daughter is growing up enough to want to look round parts of the museum on her own (so she looked at Wind in the Willows while I looked at the Barbara Hepworth bit) but not too grown up for a touch of dressing up, even if she looks grumpy about it. And definitely not too old for a family selfie (with the held of a wide angle lens) in the cafe.

Fingers crossed

Have you seen ViewBug? I’ve not been there in a while, but somehow wandered that way this evening. They have some beautiful photos over there. Truly. They also have photo contests. So tonight I’ve chanced my luck and had a go. Seven goes to be exact. So wish me luck!


Photo booth fun!

I know some of you have been waiting to see photos from the “photo booth” at the school disco. Thank you for your patience, but I had to wait until I’d got permissions from parents to share photos of their children. I hope you’ll appreciate it’s important that I respect privacy, especially when the photos are of children.

But now I can share – yay! I’ve only selected a few, which was a tough job as the children all looked so great. But I hope you like them. And if you’d like a similar experience at your next party then get in touch.

Gallery: School Photo booth


A cold winter’s night

My friend Claire is studying photography. We decided it would be a great idea to have an evening taking photos together. A night photography shoot. We thought it’d be safer to work together, being out after dark. And more fun.

We didn’t fully think it through though. We went out tonight in the freezing cold. It was snowing as we arrived. So it ended up not being a very long shoot as we were getting numb. But I reckon we managed about 50 minutes, so not a total disaster.

Thank you for the company Claire. And the lifts. We must do it again sometime. But in better weather.

Signs of Spring

I was pleased to see some signs of spring yesterday. I spotted these little flowers at the Civic Centre yesterday. It meant getting right down to ground level, and getting mud on my knees. But I didn’t mind. Sadly I wasn’t happy with my snowdrops photos. So if you know of somewhere that has splendid snowdrops right now, please let me know.

Blowing my own trumpet

Sorry, I admit it I’m boasting a little. But I got a lovely email this morning:

I’m just emailing to let you know that your lovely photo of Norwich market is our reader photo of the day winner

Now maybe Norwich’s Eastern Evening News isn’t an internationally acclaimed publication, but it’s nice to see one of your photos win its way into print. So forgive me if I’ve got a slightly smug grin today. And please remember me when if you’d like some photos – get in touch with the form below and I’ll do my best to make your photos into winners too.

Norwich Valentines

I know, Valentine’s day was last week. But I was away, and then poorly. Took daughter to Norwich for most of the half-term holiday. And we were there for Valentine’s day, which meant she had a visit from Father Valentine.

This is a tradition local to Norfolk perhaps even just to Norwich? He used to visit me and my siblings when we were small. A knock at the door, or a ring at the bell. Who could it be? Nobody there, but a small parcel left on the step. This might happen a number of times, until all the children had a few small trinkets. Maybe a notebook, or some crayons. A fancy pencil sharpener or rubber. Some sweets perhaps. And always when Mum, Dad or someone was out for a bit. They’d be sad to have missed the excitement of course.

And now he visits my daughter. He has visited her at our home in Oxfordshire, in London, in Norwich, and even posted her some presents when she was on holiday in Cumbria last year. She’s 10 now, but still very game for a few extra presents.

As well as that fun, we visited Waterloo Park and took part in a Valentine trail, which won my daughter a free ice cream. And I had some time taking photos in the city centre. Not only did we visit the Britannia Cafe in Waterloo, we had an impromptu visit up to the their HQ on Britannia Road. But as it was unplanned I didn’t have any photo gear with me. Still that’s now top of my list for my next visit to Norwich. In the meantime I hope you like this set of pics.


Black cats

I’ve been a bit under the weather this weekend and spent some time browsing the BBC news app on my phone and came across this story about people not wanting black cats because they’re not so photogenic. What tosh! Now I admit it can be a challenge to get a perfect picture of my black cat, Midnight, especially when he’s all curled up and got his eyes closed. Often the photo can come out too black and flat, without showing enough detail to make a decent picture. This is especially true when snapping a quick pic with my phone’s camera. But often he comes and settles on me and my main camera is out of reach. Or if I can get at it, he perks up and moves about too much, or worse still tries to play with it and fight the strap or lens cap. However I don’t give up and keep trying to capture his handsomeness. I’ve not got it tight yet, but that means I just have to keep trying. In the meantime, here are some of my attempts…

Wedding Photography, In Any Event Style


In the past few days I’ve seen banners and heard adverts for wedding fairs, and read several things in magazines or online with advice about planning weddings. Congratulations to all those people who have a wedding on the horizon – I hope you have a lifetime of love and happiness to come.  One of the things to arrange when planning a wedding is photography – I think most people would agree it’s important to have something special to look back on in years to come.


Most things to do with weddings can be scaled up or down between the most basic to fantastically elaborate. I’ve seen weddings with no “official” photography, just using snaps taken by guests on their cameras of phones – the danger is that you end up with a bit of a hotch-potch, including some rubbish ones, several OK ones, probably some great ones, but possibly missing some of the pics you’d hoped for. I’ve also seen and heard of weddings where every tiny thing is documented, from the bride surfacing from under the duvet  first thing in the morning, to the last guests leaving late at night. That could give an amazing reportage style to you photo album, but could end up being a bit much and turn your amazing day into a bit of a chore? Most people will aim for somewhere in between, but whatever style of photography you’re after I believe that somethings are fundamental. Therefore, if I am taking photos at a wedding (or any event) I want to make sure I

  • Get the photos you require. Every wedding is different and you may want very formal photography, very informal photography, or a mix. You may have your heart set on getting a particular shot. I’ll do my best to make it happen as you’d like.
  • Keep stress levels down. I want to make sure that on the day you get to finally relax and enjoy yourselves. Therefore I’ll work with you beforehand so that I know what you want and how best to achieve that. I’ll prepare for the planned events, and also be ready to adapt to any changes. I’ll do my best to work smoothly so that the more formal elements of the photography flow well and everyone can enjoy themselves. I’ll try to make everything relaxed and enjoyable, and allow you to have some private moments on your special day. And I won’t keep you hanging around unnecessarily.
  • Give a service that I believe provides good value. Obviously there will be a charge for my services, related to the amount of time I spend with you on the day. But there are no hidden charges or pressure to buy expensive prints or albums. The price agreed will include taking the photos plus editing of photos to make sure you get the best ones, and supply of edited photos on a memory stick with permission to print however many copies you require, produce photo albums or wall art etc. If you do want assistance producing a photo book or album, I will of course be happy to help, though that would lead to an additional cost.


If this sounds like the kind of service you’re after then please have a look at examples of my work (Amanda and Wesley’s weddingpreparations for Jamie’s wedding, and other examples of my wedding photography) and get in touch (see the form below or give me a call or send an email) so we can discuss your needs. Of course every wedding is different, but the list below shows common areas that people often want including in photographs. I’d be happy to include any or all of these, or to add in anything else that is important for you. So please do have a chat with me and hopefully I can help you get the photos you want, at a price you’re happy with, and without too much stress,

  • Some informal photos of the wedding party, close family etc before the wedding. This may include getting ready and/or posed photos before the ceremony.
  • Some details of the dress, flowers, shoes, accessories, suits details, button holes, transport, invitations, table decorations, etc.
  • Photos during the ceremony, whether that’s at church, registrar’s office, or otherwise.
  • Posed photos of the wedding party and guests after the ceremony.
  • Photos of the reception, including food, drink, wedding party and guests, speeches and cake cutting.
  • Less formal photos during an evening party, showing the dancing, celebrations and fun.

I do hope to hear from you soon, and that In Any Event Photography can help make a great day really special for you.


Happy New Year!

Wow it’s 2018, so Happy New Year! I know we’re not quite 24 hours in but I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far, and more importantly that the rest of it is amazing for you! I’m looking forward to making some great images this year of course, and if you’re a photographer then I hope you make some too.

It’s natural at the turn of the year to look back as well as looking forward. I spent part of yesterday looking through photos from 2017. I’ve included a selection of my favourites below. Happy memories.

If you like what you see, then please do:

  • follow my blog to see what I’m doing
  • tell your friends and share this blog
  • get in touch to find out how I can help you with party or portrait photography

Once again, Happy New Year and here’s to a spectacular 2018.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…

It’s OK I won’t actually say it, just in case you’re not quite ready to admit that it’s only 20 days to go. But I had a day off yesterday and went shopping for presents for my family. And we’re definitely into “chocolate before breakfast” season. And a few random things are beginning to appear around the house. Things that include reindeer, shiny things, elves and Santa.


If you are in need of a present for loved ones then please consider having some photos done. It could be photos of the kids for the grandparents, or a family shot to send out with Christmas cards. Whatever you want, there’s still time to do a photoshoot either at your home, looking all cosy, or if we have a good weather day, outside looking all merry and bright.

And of course it’s the party season, so if you are organising a party for friends or work colleagues and fancy getting either some fun shots then I can help with that too.


And as it is Christmas – there I’ve said it, I just couldn’t hold it back any longer – I’ll give a discount of ONE THIRD OFF for the next five bookings for photoshoots before the end of the year. So get in touch and let me create a little sparkle for you.