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Half term fun

Last week was half term and we had lots of fun. We had fun dressing up on a visit to the River and Rowing Museum, had two wildlife encounters at Crocodiles of the World and the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, saw scarecrows in East Hagbourne, and visited family in Norfolk and Suffolk. One day was spent seeing extended family, including some that I hadn’t seen in a long, long, time. This was lovely and we went down memory lane visiting the village where my Mum grew up and the church where she married my Dad. Then we had another family meeting, but this time with the younger generations – my niece and nephew and their partners and children. I even persuaded the youngest members of the family to sit together on the sofa for a couple of minutes.

The next couple of weeks are looking busy too. There’s the East Hagbourne fete on June 10th, our school fete on the 17th, and let’s not forget that a special young lady has a birthday next week too. So no doubt I’ll have plenty more to post soon.

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That’s the way to do it!

Phew, it’s hot today! Though I’ve cooled off somewhat since having a water fight with my daughter.

The sunshine makes me want to get outside and take photos. Particularly photos of you. Yes you! Because while you may worry that you’ll look feel awkward or look awful, I know that everyone has the potential to look MAGNIFICENT in a photo. Yes you read that right MAGNIFICENT. It just needs a bit of effort, but that needn’t come from you. I firmly believe that people look their best when they feel relaxed and comfortable. So that’s where the effort comes in – it’s MY task to help you feel at home. Which is why I suggest coming to your home. And while I’m afraid I draw the line at spring cleaning for you, I can help you find a spot that looks the part for taking portraits of you and your family. Or just your family if you insist, but ideally we’ll go through a few alternative shots to get a variety of arrangements. including you and the kids, the kids on their own, and maybe even just you?

So let me work with you, let me do the work while you relax, let me find the look where you (and your family) look magnificent. There’s just one bit where the effort has to come from you – you need to get in touch with me to get the ball rolling. But that’s easy enough – you see the form below? Just fill it in and hit submit. Now that is the way to do it.

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A goose on the loose

Life’s been busy recently, but lots of fun. As the weather has (kind of) been getting better we’ve had a few family days out, and of course I’ve taken lots of photos. We went to The Vyne, a National Trust property neat Basingstoke at the weekend, and I was lucky enough to get up close to some robins and some geese. Several mother geese and their babies were running around on the grass down by the lake and I braved the copious amounts of goose poop to get down to their level to watch and take photos. I did get hissed at a bit, but it was worth it.

Other highlights of recent days out have included duck racing at Blewbury, playing i-spy in Oxford, seeing dragons in West Hagbourne, and the bluebell woods at Harcourt Arboretum. And I’ve got high hopes for the coming weeks too. Hopefully we’ll get some even better weather as I’m looking forward to seeing scarecrows, going to summer fetes (look out for me taking photos at the East Hagbourne fete on June 10th), and celebrating my daughter’s 10th birthday.

With a little that will give me lots of chances to get some great photos. And I’m itching to try the new filters I bought recently. Keep checking back to see what happens.

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Beauty is more than skin deep

Well what a delightful job I had this weekend taking photos of two lovely girls. I visited them for a relaxed session in their home and garden. And I even managed to persuade Mum to join them for a few shots. Although there was a bit of initial shyness in front of the camera, the girls soon warmed up and had lots of fun playing and dancing and suggesting new poses. They were a real pleasure to work with – beautiful girls with beautiful natures. Here is a selection of my favourite shots from our morning.


If you’d like to have some family photos of your own then please get in touch to discuss. I’d love to work with you and your family to take some photos of everyone looking and feeling beautiful.

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Out with the Evans family

I recently had the pleasure of taking some portrait photos of the Evans family. They decided to have the photos taken outside, on location at Chedworth Roman Villa, if the weather was up to it. A week of having fingers crossed for fine weather did the trick and we had a bright sunny day without too much wind. We used two or three locations around the grounds of the villa to take photos, which provided a bit of variety with posing. Although doing a photo shoot outside has some challenges, a positive is that younger members can move around and let off steam a little between bursts of photography. This helps keep them fresh rather than getting bored sitting or standing still for long periods. And with so many things in life, if the children are happy, everything else falls into place.

If you’d like some photos taking on location then please get in touch and we can discuss where would work for you and your family.

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I was invited to join the wonderful Butterflies pre-school in Didcot yesterday for their celebratory  open morning. There was lots of fun to be had – cakes, face painting, raffle, competitions and plenty of play and activities for the little ones. And did I say that Marshall from Paw Patrol was visiting? As a bonus the sun was out so we could use the garden space – always a bonus when there are children around. So I’d like to say thank you to Butterflies for the invitation. It was lovely to see so much fun being had, and to relive some happy memories of when my daughter used to play in that garden, some years ago. I just hope you like the photos, a selection of which are shown below.


In Any Event Photography would love to hear from you if you’ve got any comments or questions, either about these photos or if you’d like to have some photos taken.

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Exciting times

I got to meet the newest addition to my extended family this weekend. This meant lovely new baby cuddles, which was wonderful. And catching up with the family gave me an opportunity to sneak in a few photos, which is always good.

Added to this, I’ve got a double opportunity coming up next week: the chance to take photos of two gorgeous young sisters, and photographing a celebratory morning at a local preschool. So watch this space to see how things turn out…


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Mothering Sunday Special Offer

Mothering Sunday is only three weeks away. But there is time to either get some special photos of the kids done as a gift for their mum, or to make a booking for a portrait session for her, if you think she deserves a chance to be the centre of attention?

Mother’s Day portrait session available at special price of £40 – children’s portrait session to take place by 25/03/17, mum’s portrait session to be booked by 25/03/17 and to take place by 31/05/17. Price includes 1 hour photography session in either your home or mutually agreed location, travel within 10 miles of Didcot, processing of photos and supply on memory stick so that you may print as you wish.

Please get in touch to discuss and make a booking.

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Spring has sprung

So it’s March. It’s still a bit nippy when the wind blows (and boy, it can blow!) but this morning the sun was out and it felt good. I think memories of winter will be soon gone.

Thank goodness. All through the winter photography has seemed harder. I took plenty of photos of pretty lights etc at Christmas, but otherwise it’s been too cold, dark, wet. I’ve huddled inside looking at books and websites, but not been out and about much. Yesterday I answered a question posed by N-photo magazine on their facebook page – “Do you shoot all week, or wait for the weekend?” I commented that there is limited time in the week, so I mostly shoot at weekend, but that as the nights pull out I hope to get out one evening each week. Watch this space to see how that works out.

I went into town to meet a friend for coffee this morning, and grabbed the camera before I left the house. Had no particular plans of what I might photograph, but after saying yesterday that I do most of my photography at weekends, I kind of felt that I ought to do something. So I carried my camera around town, and had coffee with my friend, and still hadn’t taken anything. But then on the way home I spotted spring flowers growing here and there. In among the herbs growing in a display in town. Outside the fire station. Outside the civic centre. So I took some photos after all. Spring has sprung. Life is good.


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The Gorgeous Buxeys

Well it was lovely to go travelling, but it’s lovely to be home again. Especially when being home means I get to take photos of a beautiful family. The Buxeys welcomed me into their home, and the whole photo session had a wonderfully relaxed feel, making it a real pleasure to work with them. I hope you’ll agree this shows in the photos, where everyone looks happy and relaxed.

If you feel inspired to have some family photos taken in your home surroundings, or out on location in your favourite place, then please get in touch. I will be very pleased to discuss your needs.