Le Freak

If you read the summary post from the other day you’ll have seen that I took photos at a charity ball, in aid of Sue Ryder, a few weeks’ ago. There was a fantastic band playing – Le Freak – a Chic and Nile Rogers tribute band. And boy, were they good! Music photography is a bit of a new thing for me, I’ve really only dabbled in it, but there were a few shots that I liked, and hope you do too.

As an aside, tomorrow night is Maggie’s Culture Crawl in Oxford and I will be there taking photos. So look out for some pics next week.

Time has flown by, I don’t know where to start

It feels like so much has happened since I last wrote anything here, I honestly don’t know where to start! And I’ve only got a short period of time so it’s going to have to be a bit of a summary.

  • The observant of you will see that I was at the Sue Ryder ball on Sept 7th, and that photos are available for sale. What I haven’t said is that it was a great night, and many thanks to Christine Pickett for organising the latest (and last) in a series of fantastic evenings. And thanks too to the band, Le Freak, for such good entertainment.
  • I’m back at work now that school holidays have finished. So a little less time for photography (sad face) but I have got out enough to finish taking photos for my charity calendar. I hope to have this finished and off to the printers in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space…
  • I had the sad, but rewarding, experience of doing my first photo session for Remember My Baby. Nobody wants to think about the loss of a baby, but unfortunately for many families it is part of life. Remember My Baby offers a free service to capture special memories for those families.
  • I seem to have become addicted to wedding my garden. Any time that I’ve not been at work/cooking etc/doing photo stuff I’ve been sat in the dirt, ferreting around under the soil with my hand, finding as many roots as I can and pulling them out. We had pretty much all the plants and weeds removed earlier this year, but only down to ground level. And as many of those plants were long established weeds, mainly brambles, there has been a lot of underground matter to get out. Fingers crossed the ground will be cleared and dug over this autumn in time to plant some bulbs (I love spring bulbs!) and then more planting next year. I hope to take plenty of photos of work in progress (once the dull bit of pulling out roots is past) so keep a watchful eye on this blog.


OK, it’s nearly time for tea (stew with a puff pastry hat, followed by syrup spong pudding if you must know) so I’d best be off. I hope to be back with more news, and some photos soon, but for now I hope you like this snap of a swan down by the canal the other day.


Last days out of summer

The summer holidays have come to an end. Daughter goes back to school tomorrow, into Year 8. Bags are packed, new pencils, rubbers, scissors and geometry set taking pride of place in a new pencil case. I’ve even done some ironing.

So yesterday we had a penultimate day out, visiting Bucklebury Farm. The highlight of this was the tractor ride to see, and feed, the deer – pictures below. Then today we toured Oxordshire, visiting Blenheim Palace, Chipping Norton and Letcombe Regis, so I could take photos for my calendar. Daughter was very patient and earned a trip out for a strawberry shortcake waffle at the end of the afternoon.


We noticed today that it was feeling more autumnal, so I think we have had the last days out of summer. But hopefully autumn will bring kind weather and the fun can continue a while longer. Daughter has another day out coming at the weekend. She is going to London with my sister, and some of her family, and going to see the dinosaurs. I’ll be getting ready for taking photos at a Sue Ryder Ball so I can’t join them, but I’m sure they’ll have a great day. Then the following weekend my Dad will be visiting us and we’re also meeting up with my nephew and his family who will be on their holiday not too far from here. And in October we have a day trips to Portsmouth and the Harry Potter Studio Tour lined up, plus a girls’ trip to Blackpool for daughter and I. So keep checking back to see how things turn out, and for updates on production of the charity calendar of course.

Thank you,