Best rice ever!

Those of you that pay attention will know that I try to help the Oxford Homeless Project. I think that this project is all about such a simple but great idea – those that are able to donate food and/or time to cook and/or serve lunch to those that are in need. Lunch certainly is well received, both the curries and the cakes. This week I was able to attend their fortnightly lunch and help a bit with serving drinks, washing up, and putting things away. (And I was lucky enough to sample the rice, which was amazing!) I also took the opportunity to get a few photos and some opinions on the project, to help fill a calendar I am working on, to sell in aid of the OHP.

This has taken a long time to come together, but now I have a few pages complete and plans to take the necessary photos for another three within the next week, and I’m waiting for permission for the remaining few. I admit that it’s not been as easy as I’d first imagined, finding suitable properties and then finding the right person to ask permission. Then trying to find a way to sell the calendars when they are ready. There has been a lot more admin involved than I’d anticipated. But a gardening injury has kept me away from my tools this afternoon so I’ve made good progress with a number of enquiries. Come back in a few weeks to see how things are going – hopefully I’ll soon be able to give some details about sales, but for now here are a few photos from yesterday’s lunch.


Cooling towers are falling down, falling down, falling down

It’s been one of those times when a month has slipped past between posts. I thought that when the school holidays came along there should be more time available. But it seems not. But today does have a couple of extra hours available to me as I was up very early (5 am) to go see the cooling towers come down at Didcot’s power station. I confess that I chose a convenient location, rather than one that gave the best view – only 2 out of 3 towers were visible to me, with the 3rd hidden behind. But as the saying goes, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Several people shared my viewpoint and we could see another group across the field and I’m sure there were a few other popular locations. The photos below show the towers as they fell, and Fudge, a friendly young fellow with a very waggy tail, who seemed to be delighted to be out and about this morning.

So what else has been happening since I last wrote here? Well I’m still working on the calendar I’m hoping to sell for the Oxford Homeless Project. So that’s given me a few trips out to take photos or to look for inspiration. I won’t post any potential calendar photos here just now. Sorry, you’ll have to wait until the project is complete.

I’ve also had a great week with my Dad in Norwich. As well as seeing family, we went on a tour of part of Norwich’s history that is now underground, I had a trip down memory lane by taking my daughter to a museum that my Mum used to take me to when I was a child, we had a fantastic day out at the seaside, and I went to see the helter skelter (temporarily) located in Norwich cathedral.