It’s Sunday, not M(o)onday

My daughter wandered through to our room this morning “Sorry Mummy it’s ten past eight.” I explained that was OK as it was Sunday, not Monday. Then I realised that I’d meant to post this photo on Saturday, to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. We went to an interesting talk about this on Friday but then yesterday I got engrossed with weeding our garden. So sorry about that. Anyway this isn’t a new photo – one I took earlier this year. I want to try some more lunar photography, to improve on this first real attempt. And I’d love to get some good star trails too, and a photo of the milky way. I had a wee experiment a couple of years ago, when we were in Death Valley and the light pollution was low, but I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, so the results are very amateurish to say the least.


But it was fun – if a little eerie, standing around in the dark, listening to wild animals in the distance – and I’d like to try again. No sure I’ll make to to Death Valley anytime soon though, so if you have a good suggestion for somewhere closer to home, please let me know.

And finally for today, please have a look at a few photos from a christening I was lucky enough to shoot at last weekend.



I’m at a bit of a loss for what to say. Two weeks ago my Mum died, and although life is going on, it is with a bit of a heavy heart. So all I’m going to do here is share some of my favourite memories of her.