What’s going on?

Me again with several items of news…

  • I’ve set up an onlineĀ ShootProof gallery that contains a (currently small) selection of photos that I hope you’ll like. These can be bought as hard copy prints in a range of sizes. So please have a browse and maybe place an order if you feel so-inclined? I find the 6 x 4 print size is great made into a greetings card…
  • I’m taking posed and action bellydancing shots this Saturday in Kidlington. I’ll be setting up an online gallery from that event so that dancers can view (and buy) photos with ease.
  • I’m continuing with plans for a 2020 calendar to raise funds for the Oxford Homeless Project. I admit I only have 2 out of 12 photos planned, but I do have some unconfirmed ideas. I’m quite excited about this and if I can bring it all together I hope that it’ll be a success. If you have any great ideas of Oxfordshire homes I may be able to photograph then please let me know.
  • I’m honoured to say I’ve been accepted as a volunteer for Remember My Baby, a very worthwhile cause.

I still have some availability for any events you have coming up – so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss anything. I’m happy to cover weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, performances, charity events, or anything else you can think of.

Stop and smell the roses

I know, life gets busy, right? You’re maybe trying to skim read this so you can get onto the next thing. I’ve been there, done that. In fact at the back of my head I’ve got half a dozen things fighting for attention. I’ve had bookings and a cancellation (June 21st is now free!); I’m trying to turn ideas into firm plans for a photo calendar I’m trying to produce’; I’m trying to learn songs for the choir I’ve joined; I need to sign my daughter up for Taekwondo lessons; I’ve got to get up to speed with some new photo groups I’ve joined; I’ve got knitting to do and photos to edit.

Woah! Keep going like that and somethings going to pop right out of my head and get forgotten. Thankfully with this week being Mental Health Awareness Week, there have been plenty of hints and pointers about taking it easy. Being mindful. Meditating. So today I had a bit of time out. My sister is visiting and we literally stopped and smelled the roses (and other flowers) today at Waterperry Gardens. After a pleasantly relaxed morning and some fun this afternoon I’m pleased to say that I feel calmer. I’ve ticked a couple of small things off from my mental to-do list (taekwondo lessons are organised, 2 photos are planned) and feel better able to prioritise the rest.

So remember people, stop, breathe, smell the roses, enjoy the moment. Most things can wait. Yes, some of the things on my list are urgent, but they don’t have to be today. Most don’t even have to be done tomorrow. Which is good as me and my sister have plans. But I will get some things fitted in around that, so please do come back tomorrow or the next day to find out about coming events and adventures.

Fake tan, anyone?

May bank holiday Monday. Therefore it was our local Girl Guiding Mayfair. I had volunteered to help out, so was out bright and early this morning with a boot full of kit. I was running a “tropical photobooth”, though booth may have been the wrong word for it. But “tropical backdrop against the wall and I’ll take some photos” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

So I had a tropical beach scene hung up as background, curtains on the floor to mimic white/gold sand, plus hats, glasses, flower garlands, a snorkel, a beach ball and bucket and spade as props. Add a camera with flash and a printer and I was in business. To fit in with the tropical theme I was dressed in shorts, Hawaiian style shirt and flip-flops. It was just a shame it was a grey, cold day, with the wind blowing in through the door, enough to make the backdrop flap. We were all brave and stereotypically British about it though, and pretended it was hot and sunny. One family even had ice creams on “the beach”. Sadly, I can only share a few of the pics with you, as I don’t like to share photos publically without permission. But a few people have agreed so you can see what a good job we did of faking it.


All of this can of course be set up wherever. So if you’ve got an event on that you think could benefit from a bit of fake sunshine then don’t hesitate to get in touch.