All the fun of the wedding fair

I took a step into the unknown today. I took IAEP to its first wedding fair. This gave me one of those dual-time effects; it felt like a long day (setting up at 9am, packed up and left at 3.30pm) but it also flew by.

I talked to a lot of people, all of them lovely. So if you were at Shaw House today then thank you! You made it a good day for me. I hope you liked what you saw. I certainly heard several people saying the photos on display were lovely. I invited everyone who stopped to chat to get in touch if they’d like to discuss anything or ask anything. That offer is most definitely open; I’d love to hear from you and open discussions about your big day. So congratulations to all the brides and grooms to be and hello to the suppliers I met today, and hope to see you before too long.



It was just me and my daughter today. So I promised her a day out, and she chose to go to the Winchester Science Centre. It’s been 5 years since we were last there. She only has vague memories; mostly of hurting her ankle and having to go to the first aid room. No such luck today though, just lots of fun. We got there as it opened so managed to do some activities before it got too crowded. We managed to do most things, and saw a planetarium show and a “magic of science” show too. But a big part of the magic was just spending time with my daughter, having fun, playing with science, learning together. Recently days out with Mum have become less cool, less interesting, unless of course they involve something fun like bowling or trampolining, or a free run at the shops with lunch and Starbucks thrown in. I managed to take some photos of her that will embarrass her when she’s older and tried to get some shots of science in action. Some things of course proved to be trickier than others, especially if grubby, scratched perspex was involved. So I still have to conquer some shots – I guess I’ll have to see if science is still cool in another year or two?



Snow joke!

The North wind does blow and we shall have snow, and school shall be shut so the children will have a snow day. Yes, yesterday daughter was at home because of the snow, She did go out and play with friends for a while but before that we had a play in the garden together. She largely played with the snow, I largely played with my camera.

The downside of the snow is that the Newbury Wedding Fair, that I have been busy preparing for all week, is postponed. It’s now taking place on Feb 17th. Same time (11am – 3pm) and same place (Shaw House, Newbury) though and I’ll be there with IAEP as planned. So do please send any brides-and-grooms-to be along to say hi.