Weddings, and whizz-bangs

It could have been a quiet weekend. I had no bookings and we had no family plans. But instead I took myself to photography school, to learn more about wedding photography. It’s called Continual Professional Development, a way to keep improving, learning, bettering oneself. In this case it was also a good deal of fun.

The workshop I went on was organised by the Royal Photographic Society and held at Lacock in Wiltshire. A good mix of classroom and practical sessions.  To save travel I stayed over at nearby Chippenham, and even managed to find a bonfire & firework display to attend on Saturday evening. More photography on Sunday, including an outdoor session down by the river. I didn’t have the right shoes to paddle in the river, but a couple of others did. The things we do for a good photo!

And then today being the 5th of November we had sparklers after tea. And we’ve even got a few sparklers left over for my birthday next week. I’ve put a selection of pics below to show a bit of what I’ve been up to this weekend and hope to have about the workshop, and some of the photos, tomorrow.