Autumn is definitely here

Well tomorrow is the equinox, so some would say it’s downhill from here on until the end of the year? As an autumn-lover I’d say we’ve got some cracking times just ahead of us, but even so it is sad to see the daylight hours dwindling. Also, the rain we’ve had today has done little to cheer the soul. It’s just been grey and miserable, while kind of neither one thing nor the other. Too wet to want to be outside for long. Not wet enough to be decent raindrops-running-down-the-windows rain where you can cosy up indoors, peering at raindrops racing on the window and commenting, “Ooooh it’s so wet out there, I’m glad we’re all warm and dry in here!”

So what DO you do on a day like this? We hijacked my nephew and his wife and their son to come for lunch with us near Winchester. Inside the pub we had little idea of the weather. Instead we were focused on pie, chips, scampi, pasta, peas, sticky toffee pudding, prosecco sorbet, banofee pie, doughnuts and a snickerbockerglory. And my little great-nephew of course. Such a smiley little boy (when he wants to be) he entertained us all with baby high-fives, stickers, colouring with a water pen, and a little wooden horse.


If you’d like a bit of colour to brighten up this grey day, then have a look at the gallery from Emma and Chris‘s wedding. The orange colour they used in the flowers, buttonholes, and other decorations was so bright and sunny. It wasn’t just the flowers though that were beaming – so many bright smiles in the photos.

I hope the weather improves for my nephew and his family as this is their holiday week. Having one or two pub lunches when it’s raining can be seen as a good thing, but I’m sure they’d like to get out and about most of the time. After all, there’s still time for an ice cream at the sea side if we get a decent afternoon.



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