What do I get, oh-oh, what do I get?

I’ve been trying to explain to somebody what they get if they make a booking with IAEP. And now I’ve got the Buzzcocks song as an earworm. Still, it could be worse.

Anyway, to answer the question – what DO you get? Let’s say you’re planning an event (wedding or party, say) and you decide you’d like a photographer. You do a search and find my details and make a call or ping off an email – what happens next?


Jan 10 Hello

You get in touch and give me some basic information, what/where/when/how long and I give you a price. There may be a bit more communication by phone or email, or possibly a short meeting, giving you a chance to ask any questions, then when you’re happy to make a booking you send me a deposit and I save the date for you.


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Depending on where the event is happening I may go and have a look to see what space there is, where the best locations for photos will be etc. Closer to the event I’ll meet you, go through all details, discuss your requirements and preferences, make sure we all know what will happen on the day etc. I will ask you plenty of questions and take notes, and you can of course ask me anything you want too.   I want your event to run as smoothly as possible so this is where any potential issues get ironed out.


On the day of your event, I will make sure I am set up and ready to go shortly before the agreed start time so that I can then concentrate on doing the best for you. I’ll obviously capture all the key elements, as agreed with you beforehand. And I’ll add as many candid shots or extras as I can to build up a full picture of your event. I’ll try to fit in around you if possible, without taking over your day, though depending on your event there will be times I have to take the lead in order to take specific agreed photos. Whatever happens I will of course be professional, friendly, and as helpful as I can be along the way.


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After the event I will check each and every photo for technical and aesthetic quality. I’ll make minor adjustments if necessary and copy all images of good enough  quality onto a USB memory stick for you. You can then look at the images at your leisure and discuss requests for printing or photobooks, if required. Alternatively you can arrange your own printing, and of course you may share images with friends, on social media etc. And it goes without saying that if you have any concerns at any stage I will do my best to help.

So now you know. So if you book with IAEP there should be no nasty surprises. Only good ones.



So here it is, merry autumn everybody

The equinox. This morning was wet. The sort of rain I mentioned yesterday. We were very pleased to be inside. Daughter drew kiwi fruit for her art homework and made a start with her history homework. I messed about online. We watched the end of last night’s Strictly.

Then it dried up and I decided to go out to Waterperry Gardens. It’s a beautiful place with big bold herbaceous borders, little pockets of intimacy in enclosed gardens, a variety of apple and pear trees in long rows, and other gems besides. The leaves were beginning to show autumn hues, but many of the flowers were purple. There was also an exhibition of sculptures that were beautiful, though a bit beyond my budget.

Two hours wasn’t long enough really, but it fed my soul. And it meant I got home in time to feed my family and, as a bonus, before it rained again. Besides, I’ve got an annual pass now so I can go back to Waterperry again whenever I need to nourish my soul again.

Autumn is definitely here

Well tomorrow is the equinox, so some would say it’s downhill from here on until the end of the year? As an autumn-lover I’d say we’ve got some cracking times just ahead of us, but even so it is sad to see the daylight hours dwindling. Also, the rain we’ve had today has done little to cheer the soul. It’s just been grey and miserable, while kind of neither one thing nor the other. Too wet to want to be outside for long. Not wet enough to be decent raindrops-running-down-the-windows rain where you can cosy up indoors, peering at raindrops racing on the window and commenting, “Ooooh it’s so wet out there, I’m glad we’re all warm and dry in here!”

So what DO you do on a day like this? We hijacked my nephew and his wife and their son to come for lunch with us near Winchester. Inside the pub we had little idea of the weather. Instead we were focused on pie, chips, scampi, pasta, peas, sticky toffee pudding, prosecco sorbet, banofee pie, doughnuts and a snickerbockerglory. And my little great-nephew of course. Such a smiley little boy (when he wants to be) he entertained us all with baby high-fives, stickers, colouring with a water pen, and a little wooden horse.


If you’d like a bit of colour to brighten up this grey day, then have a look at the gallery from Emma and Chris‘s wedding. The orange colour they used in the flowers, buttonholes, and other decorations was so bright and sunny. It wasn’t just the flowers though that were beaming – so many bright smiles in the photos.

I hope the weather improves for my nephew and his family as this is their holiday week. Having one or two pub lunches when it’s raining can be seen as a good thing, but I’m sure they’d like to get out and about most of the time. After all, there’s still time for an ice cream at the sea side if we get a decent afternoon.


It’s nice to be in print

I took some photos this summer for the Camphill Village Trust and today I got to see some of them being used in their newsletter. I visited their “Delrow Central” cafe and also the allotments at St Albans back in July – both of which were lovely places to visit. Kat, Gemma, Joy and Ed all made me feel very welcome. The cafe had just received its 5 star food hygiene rating when I visited, and there were brand new chicks at the allotment so both visits were quite exciting. So thank you to all at Camphill Village Trust for all your kindness.

I’ve added a few more pics from the allotments below – such a good afternoon.

Changing seasons

I’m hopeful that we have some cracking autumn days ahead of us, but I think autumn has come and that the hot summer of 2018 is heading towards being a thing of legend. Strictly has started, the proms are over, schools are all back, Doctor Who is on the way and I’ve had to get my slipper socks out of the drawer. It’s not all bad news though. I’m looking forward to half term already, and Halloween and Bonfire Night. Autumn colours, playing with leaves, cosy jumpers, baked apples, apple crumble, slow cooked stews and lighting a fire.

Before long we’ll be seeing shiny things in the shops with twinkling lights and a magical feeling in the air. There will also be parties and celebrations, catching up with friends, with music, food, drinks and dancing. If you’ve got an event coming up then why not think about photography? Maybe you’d like general shots of the event, people, food, drinks, dancing etc. Maybe you’d like a “photo corner” offering photobooth style pics with a range of dress up props? IAEP can offer either of these services so do get in touch for a no obligation quote, tailored to your requirements.


St Giles’ Fair x 2

We went not once, but twice, to St Giles’ Fair in Oxford this week. The fair is held on the Monday and Tuesday following the first Sunday after St Giles’ Day (1 September). It dates back to 1625 when it was a parish festival to celebrate the feast of St Giles, the patron saint of cripples. In the 18th century it was a toy fair, then in the early 19th century it was a general children’s fair.  The funfair grew during mid and late Victorian times.

We only had a brief visit on Monday but long enough to try the Ferris wheel, which terrified me. It took me about 5 or 6 rotations to open my eyes! Thankfully I was not put off and we had another go on Tuesday, when we had a return visit to the fair. That time I really enjoyed it. My daughter was a bit scared of the height, but much better than me. She also had a go on one of the many fun-houses, and won a toy unicorn. Of course there were plenty of food stalls at the fair and we enjoyed donuts and candy floss.


St Giles’ Day will be a Sunday next year, so based on the information above the first Sunday AFTER that will be September 8th, so the fair will be on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th. So we might not get to go next year. But if I’ve got it wrong and the fair is on the 2nd and 3rd, see you there!

It may be small, but I have a photo exhibited!

Do you remember I mentioned that the Cornerstone were asking for photos for inclusion in their 10th anniversary exhibition this September?  Well I submitted some photos and one of them has been included. So I popped in this morning to have a spy. I confess it took me a few moments to spot it, as it is just a little photo included as part of a bigger one, but there it was. The exhibition seems to show activities at Cornerstone, with large photos of dancers, artists, children making lanterns, and some small abstract photos added in the corners. My contribution is multi-coloured spinning light up toys on sale at the Didcot street fair, included bottom left of a photo of a boy. If you do go past Cornerstone, maybe have a quick look at the exhibition? It’s free and you might see someone you know??

1 wedding + 1 canal + family visits = great weekend

I’ve got my parents visiting this weekend, so just sneaking in this post while they have a lie in. It’s lovely having family visits, and thankfully they understood that I went out the first night to take photos at Chris & Emma’s wedding. What a great couple they are. I can’t share any photos just yet as they haven’t had a chance to see them, but later in the month…

We had a visit to Newbury on Saturday to have a little stroll along the canal. We were fortunate enough to see the swing bridge and the lock in action, which pleased my daughter. Especially when she got to see the lock in operation and even help a bit.

My parents have taught her how to play crib – and refreshed my memory – so we now have a new game to play. We’ve also introduced my parents to Dobble and Scoop. Because having family here isn’t all about trips out and good food (though I think we’ve had our share of that) but about time together, catching up, playing games, sharing tales. This was definitely the case when Mum’s sister and her family came to see us yesterday. My daughter and my cousin’s daughter had fun playing games and going to the park; the grown ups had a good natter; and plenty of tea and cake were consumed. A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.