Didn’t we have a lovely time?

We’ve survived the family summer holiday. A week in the North East of England, visiting old friends and old haunts. It’s 16 years since we left Newcastle to come to Oxfordshire so we were well overdue a visit.

We saw nine old friends and made two new ones. We visited Tynemouth, Newcastle, Whitley Bay, Alnwick, Holy Island (Lindisfarne), Harrogate and York. We saw our old houses, travelled our old commute to work, saw pubs, shops, museums, and bridges that brought back memories, and noted the changes since we left. We had the best fish and chips we’ve had in 16 years. We visited historical and frivolous attractions and generally had a week of plain old fun.

Despite a week of busy days and plenty of activity I do feel refreshed by a good holiday. So with my batteries recharged I’m now taking bookings for the tail end of 2018 and through into 2019 and beyond.

I hope to hear from you soon, but in the meantime here are a few holiday snaps. I hope you enjoy them!


Please use the form below if you would like to get in touch, or email me at sam@inanyeventphotography.co.uk

The fun of the fair

Last night I posted about my photographic activities over the past few days. I’d been to the Natural History and Pitt Rivers museums in Oxford and I finished with talk about going to the fair. I’m pleased to say the rain held off and we did go out. Getting there at 8.30pm it was all very quiet, one of the crew told me that on weekdays they tend to have a family audience who come in the afternoon and early evening. So there wasn’t so much going on by the time we got there, but the sky and the impact of the fairground lights as the sun went down made up for I think. I hope you agree. So here are a few pics from the museum and the fair. Not much happening today and not sure about tomorrow yet, but you never know so do come back and check up on what I’ve been snapping.


I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to get in touch about anything photographic. And don’t forget I’ve got a half-price offer on at the moment if you get in touch by 10pm on Sunday 12th August and book a 1 hour photo shoot to take place by the end of September 2018. Use the form below, or on my contact page to take advantage of this special offer celebrating my 2 year anniversary with In Any Event Photography.

Busy life for a 2 year old

So much going on at the moment. My family are away and I had planned to have a day out at Kew Gardens but with the crazy heat we’ve been having I decided to put that off for a bit as I didn’t think I’d really get the most out of it if 50% or more of the time was spent in search of shade or a drink.

However, I did take the photos at Lucy & Mike’s wedding on Saturday, and then process all the images for them. I can show you a sneak peek now, but nothing more until they’ve had a real chance to look and comment. But then I hope to add them to my gallery selection, so do come back and check in a week or so. It was a FANTASTIC day, and the bride looked particularly radiant. They had put so much thought into everything too – a real sign of how much they care for and love all their family and friends.


With Mike and Lucy’s wedding barely over I’ve also been making plans with Chris and Emma, who are getting married at the end of the month -and fitting in some cuddles with their very friendly dog while we were chatting! Sounds like their wedding will be another good event, and I hope to have some great photos to show you (with the Bride and Groom’s permission of course) afterwards.

All that aside I’ve fitted in some photos for fun, including this amazing evening sky the other night. And today I went with my friend Claire to Oxford’s Pitt Rivers and Natural History museums. I’ve not had a chance to look at those photos yet though, and depending on the weather in the next 15 minutes we may go out to see the local funfair this evening – see it really is all go!


And more exciting perhaps than all of this is the fact that today is the 2nd anniversary of the first photoshoot by In Any Event Photography. I started with a family photoshoot with the Hancock Family. To celebrate this achievement I am happy to offer a 50% discount on any 1 hour photoshoot where contact is made through this website before 10pm on Sunday 12th August, and the shoot takes place before the end of September 2018. The discount price of £30 will get you 1 hour photoshoot at your house or at an agreed location (within 15 miles of Didcot) and supply of edited images on a USB memory stick.