Contractions and expansions

Oh my word. It feels like a month since the trip to the zoo. But it’s only been one short week. Yes it feels like a month, because we’ve done so much. But also like a couple of days because it’s flown by so fast.

So what have we done that’s made time contract and expand all at the same time? Well, the zoo trip was the start of a lovely week with my family in Norwich. As a Freeman of the city. I was lucky enough to enjoy a special visit to the Museum of Norwich. And over the week I also had a chance to see familiar sights in the city, as well as discover a couple of new ones. Another new place for me was out of the city. My father took me and my daughter to Ranworth Broad, where the ducks were very enthusiastic about us once we’d bought a box of food.


I also had a fun, if exhausting, day with my sister and my daughter looking for decorated hares all round the city. We followed a trail of 50 giant hares, and though we didn’t manage to find all of them we were quite happy with 43. Six of my favourites are shown below. It was a very hot day and 43 hares took us about 5.5 miles on foot round the city, so I think we did pretty well, considering.


Our last afternoon in Norwich wasn’t actually in Norwich, but in Lowestoft. I had many childhood holidays in Lowestoft so if should have been really familiar. And a lot of it was. There are still two piers with amusement arcades, and “Tides Reach” (selling drinks and buckets and spades, inflatables, hats and a myriad of other seaside paraphernalia) next to the fish and chip shop (which we visited for tea). But the beach is different. Sandy parts are now stony, and stony bits are now sandy. But what glorious, golden sand! Daughter and I played on the beach for an hour, digging and paddling. And the water was warm! And the gardens on the front weren’t up to old standards. Some of this will be due to the recent spell of hot weather, but some is just the changes that come with time. An afternoon in Lowestoft was still wonderful though, especially in such lovely weather.


I’ll try to keep this blog up to date with the best photos of what’s happening during the holidays. But please excuse me if I’m having too much fun to do it frequently!