More options are on the way

I’m a little bit excited right now, having just ordered my first photo printer. It’s just a little one, so it’ll be nice and portable. So if I’m taking photos at a party or similar, I’ll be able to produce some prints on the spot.

So now if you want pics taking at a party or event I can offer

  • Photos on the day

Pros: prints available at the event to increase the fun and share with guests
Cons: printing time reduces time I can spend taking photos; added costs of prints

  • Edited photos supplied on after the event on a memory stick

Pros: photos can be tweaked to give optimal results; keeps costs down
Cons: Have to wait for the photos

As you can see each option has pros and cons, so you can always opt for a mix of both – a little bit of printing on the day (perhaps to give guests a little souvenir or to display to parents picking children up?) followed up by the full set of processed images supplied on a memory stick so that you can print more and share as much as you wish?

Either way, having In Any Event Photography can always add a little extra fun to your event, whether you want instant results or not. I can set up a special photo area for fun shots (I can provide a background and props) or I can take photos of the event, capturing natural shots of the fun unfolding. Or I can do a bit of each. My prices are reasonable, I’ll adapt to your needs to give you what works best for you, and I offer a good, friendly service. And of course I’m fully insured. So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re having a party or special event and would like any photos taking.




A little East Coast road trip

Oh my, this time last week I was in New York. All packed up and ready to come home, but I was there. We’d had a great couple of weeks in America despite rain, fog and even snow. I took plenty of pics, of course, after all there’s always something to see. But I was a good mum and made sure I included family snaps as well as the sights. It was actually nice to have a chance to photograph my daughter. I took hundreds of shots of her when she was young, and she was always ready with a cheesy grin. But no she’s growing up she’d a bit more self-conscious and as likely to frown as to smile when I point the camera at her. But it’s different on holiday, isn’t it? Anyway, here are a dozen pics of my lovely young lady, and one of a much older lady we saw on our travels, in what was one of favourite pics from the holiday.