Has Spring sprung?

So the first day of Spring eh? Could have fooled me.

To be fair it’s not just been the cold that’s kept me at home the past few days, my daughter has tonsillitis. I’m getting impatient to be out taking photos, so have been looking at ViewBug for inspiration. I’m trying to look for photos like this to make me feel warm inside, rather than ones like this – gorgeous as he is I’m feeling cold enough already.

To brighten us all up though, as a special Spring offer I’m pleased to offer 25% off any booking confirmed by the end of April 2018, and taking place by Sunday 23rd September  2018 (the start of Autumn). So if you’ve got an event coming up – hop to it and get in touch (use the form below or email sam@inanyeventphotography.co.uk) to discuss how I can help.



I've been a keen photographer for many years now. I work hard to get good shots and build a collection of photos that help make a special set of memories. Whether you're having a party, a wedding, or any other kind of event I will focus on your needs.

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