A cold winter’s night

My friend Claire is studying photography. We decided it would be a great idea to have an evening taking photos together. A night photography shoot. We thought it’d be safer to work together, being out after dark. And more fun.

We didn’t fully think it through though. We went out tonight in the freezing cold. It was snowing as we arrived. So it ended up not being a very long shoot as we were getting numb. But I reckon we managed about 50 minutes, so not a total disaster.

Thank you for the company Claire. And the lifts. We must do it again sometime. But in better weather.

Signs of Spring

I was pleased to see some signs of spring yesterday. I spotted these little flowers at the Civic Centre yesterday. It meant getting right down to ground level, and getting mud on my knees. But I didn’t mind. Sadly I wasn’t happy with my snowdrops photos. So if you know of somewhere that has splendid snowdrops right now, please let me know.