Norwich Valentines

I know, Valentine’s day was last week. But I was away, and then poorly. Took daughter to Norwich for most of the half-term holiday. And we were there for Valentine’s day, which meant she had a visit from Father Valentine.

This is a tradition local to Norfolk perhaps even just to Norwich? He used to visit me and my siblings when we were small. A knock at the door, or a ring at the bell. Who could it be? Nobody there, but a small parcel left on the step. This might happen a number of times, until all the children had a few small trinkets. Maybe a notebook, or some crayons. A fancy pencil sharpener or rubber. Some sweets perhaps. And always when Mum, Dad or someone was out for a bit. They’d be sad to have missed the excitement of course.

And now he visits my daughter. He has visited her at our home in Oxfordshire, in London, in Norwich, and even posted her some presents when she was on holiday in Cumbria last year. She’s 10 now, but still very game for a few extra presents.

As well as that fun, we visited Waterloo Park and took part in a Valentine trail, which won my daughter a free ice cream. And I had some time taking photos in the city centre. Not only did we visit the Britannia Cafe in Waterloo, we had an impromptu visit up to the their HQ on Britannia Road. But as it was unplanned I didn’t have any photo gear with me. Still that’s now top of my list for my next visit to Norwich. In the meantime I hope you like this set of pics.



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