Spring has sprung

So it’s March. It’s still a bit nippy when the wind blows (and boy, it can blow!) but this morning the sun was out and it felt good. I think memories of winter will be soon gone.

Thank goodness. All through the winter photography has seemed harder. I took plenty of photos of pretty lights etc at Christmas, but otherwise it’s been too cold, dark, wet. I’ve huddled inside looking at books and websites, but not been out and about much. Yesterday I answered a question posed by N-photo magazine on their facebook page – “Do you shoot all week, or wait for the weekend?” I commented that there is limited time in the week, so I mostly shoot at weekend, but that as the nights pull out I hope to get out one evening each week. Watch this space to see how that works out.

I went into town to meet a friend for coffee this morning, and grabbed the camera before I left the house. Had no particular plans of what I might photograph, but after saying yesterday that I do most of my photography at weekends, I kind of felt that I ought to do something. So I carried my camera around town, and had coffee with my friend, and still hadn’t taken anything. But then on the way home I spotted spring flowers growing here and there. In among the herbs growing in a display in town. Outside the fire station. Outside the civic centre. So I took some photos after all. Spring has sprung. Life is good.