Vegas Baby!

IAEP had a little holiday last week! A 1000+ mile roadtrip through America. After a brief look at the Pacific coast at Santa Monica, we drove through miles and miles of desert, had a great experience with off-road driving to an abandoned mine in Death Valley, had a couple of nights in the fun-but-crazy world of Las Vegas, saw the Hoover Dam, marveled at the wonder of the Grand Canyon (in both the sun and the snow), and enjoyed the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Quite a way in one week, but what an experience! We traveled on the musical road, saw an aircraft graveyard, had lunch in a ghost town, saw more stars in the sky than I’d ever seen before thanks to the lack of light pollution in the desert, went to Paris, New York, Venice and Rome all in one day, won and lost a little in the casinos, learned about atomic bomb testing, traveled along route 66, saw sunrises and sunsets, and some of the world’s best rock formations.

I did of course, take plenty of pictures. That meant taking camera, lenses, and tripod, which was a lot to carry. But well worth it I think. I hope the small selection of photos below makes you agree.

So enjoy the gallery, but remember that I’m back from holiday now, and now that the jet lag is clearing I’m charged up and ready to take some photos. So please use the contact form below to get in touch if there’s any I can take for you.




I've been a keen photographer for many years now. I work hard to get good shots and build a collection of photos that help make a special set of memories. Whether you're having a party, a wedding, or any other kind of event I will focus on your needs.

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