Looking towards 2017

I’ve had a little holiday, so am a bit late with Christmas wishes, but I hope you all had a fantastic time! I visited my family and had a lovely time. Not only were there presents – including a new lens for my camera, which has made me very happy – I got to see extended family and old friends, go out for dinner, go to the pub, go shopping, and go to see Norwich’s Christmas decorations. These were pretty cool and mostly light based, in the form of a “tunnel of lights” and images projected onto the Castle and City Hall. With a backdrop of pretty shop displays, and balls of lights hanging in the trees around the market place, this was all very pretty.

Back at home now though, and I’ve been having a bit of  tidy up of this blog. I’ve also been looking back over my photos from 2016  and thinking about what I may do in 2017, as that is almost upon us. I hope it’s going to be a great year for everybody, with plenty of good times for all. I am keen to get out and get using my new lens, and the little mini tripod I received for my birthday back in November. I’d also like to take some photos with you – helping you get some special pictures to help remember your good times. So keep watching and look out for special offers in the New Year!!

Run, run, as fast as you can…

It’s beginning to feel a little like Christmas. Certainly after a weekend that included Christmas shopping, watching The Muppets Christmas Carol, and visiting Hughenden Manor it feels a lot closer to Christmas than it did last week. A lot of this is due to the wonderful atmosphere at Hughenden, with fairy tale themed rooms, beautiful Christmas decorations, and a fun gingerbread man trail -and yes we caught them all. I carried a kit bag full of equipment round all afternoon, but didn’t get anything out other than my trusty Nikon 5300 and 35mm lens. I am finding this happens more frequently, especially when on a family day out, when I don’t want to hold everyone up too much. When I first started using the 35mm prime lens, instead of a zoom, it was very odd. I kept wanting to adjust the focal length and getting very frustrated. But now I love my 35mm. It makes me think more, and move myself into a better spot, rather than simply adjusting the lens. And it has a very wide maximum aperture, which helps of course when photographing indoors, without flash.