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Dance yourself dizzy

On Saturday 15th Oct I had the pleasure of watching Dance for Wildlife at the Abingdon School’s Amey Theatre. This annual event, organised by Loreley Rice in aid of the World Wildlife Fund, is always fabulous with amazing dancing, dazzling costumes with, of course, a near-critical mass of glitter and sparkles. And once again it was a treat, a full evening covering a variety of styles of music, but in every case performed with enthusiasm and energy. Some of the performances made me dizzy just watching them.

I’ve put a selection of photos below. If you’re in one that you’d rather wasn’t available to view online then please let me know and I’ll remedy it asap. If on the other hand there’s an image you particularly like then let me know – send your details and order via the message box below – and I’ll arrange a copy for you for just £3, of which £1 will go to WWF.



I've been a keen photographer for many years now, and have taken photos at many social events, including parties, weddings, school events and dance performances. I work hard to get good shots and assemble a collection of photos that help make a special set of memories.

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