Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Had a lovely day out with my daughter today at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. We always have a good day out there as there is such a lot to see, and enough space that even when it’s busy, it doesn’t feel crowded. As ever I took photos, and when I got home I realised that I had focused quite a bit on patterns. I hope you like the ones I’ve selected to share with you here – all of which I found fitted nicely into squares.

A growing family

I’ve just had a few days visiting my family. Got to catch up with my parents, two of my aunts, my nephew and his wife and my niece and her children. It was lovely to see her children who are almost 2-and-a-half and 5 months old. My daughter loved seeing her little cousins, who we don’t get to see very often. And I loved both seeing them and photographing them. The sample of pics below are family portraits at their most informal, just taken as and when during a morning of chatting and playing. If I’d been really concentrating, rather than enjoying time with family, I could have moved a few things out of the background, and of course if I was doing a proper photo session I would. But I think that these photos show that informal portraits, taken in a familiar setting, using natural light as much as possible, allow children to relax and be seen at their best. If you agree and would like to discuss having some relaxed photos of your family, then get in touch.

Making plans!

I’m getting quite excited. Not only have I got a planning meeting this afternoon for an upcoming wedding, tomorrow night is Dance for Wildlife, a belly dance performance where I know there will be amazing dancing, fantastic costumes and a whole lot of sparkle! I’ve taken photos at this annual event for about 5 years now and I never tire of it. It can be a challenge – all that motion, catching the dancers at just the right point, not getting too much blur but equally catching some element of dynamics. But when it comes together just so, the results are amazing.

But before that I’ve got a wedding shoot to plan with the lovely A and W. I need to find out more about their plans and what they’d like, to make sure I can do my best for them. It is an honour to have a part in their day, and I hope they’ll love the results. We’ll find out in a few weeks! And remember if you’d like to see some pics from either the dancing or the wedding, come back and visit In Any Event Photography again soon.

Grey’s Court

Lovely autumn day here is Oxfordshire, so we made the most of our National Trust membership and went to Grey’s Court, near Henley. Unfortunately for me, no photography inside the house, but the gardens are lovely so that made up for it. The weather was good enough for a picnic, and we visited the tea room before coming home. I gave most of my scone to young missy, but I did have a tasty “Charles Ross” apple while looking round the garden. The orchards there produce a number of varieties and for a modest donation in the honesty box you can select from about a dozen types. Apples aside, the gardens are a delight, set out as a series of “rooms” which you can wander between by a number of paths and going through doors and gates. This gives the delight of wondering what you will find as you gently open a door and pass through. I could happily have spent more time at Grey’s, but Sunday afternoon also means getting things ready for school and work, ironing clothes, sorting washing etc. But a good dose of fresh air and sunshine is good for the soul so none of those chores seemed quite so bad today.

If you have any comments, then please do get in touch. If you’d like to see more of where I’ve been with my camera then come back and visit this blog again soon.

Almost autumn

A beautiful sunny day today. I thought I would go to Harcourt Arboretum and see some autumn colours. I didn’t have very long there, so I only had time to go a little way down the main path, but I knew that was just the area to see some stunning reds and golds. Only, sadly for the photographer in me, the trees haven’t quite done their thing yet. There were a few red leaves, but only enough to take a few macro shots. No stunning displays of autumnal hues just yet. Ah well, I’ll just have to go back in a few weeks.