A frustratingly good afternoon

I had the pleasure of visiting the Houses of Parliament yesterday afternoon. We did the children’s “Fire and Freedom” guided tour, which was great. We learned about the Great Fire of London, Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, a fire which burned down most of the old Palace of Westminster in 1834, and the suffragettes. And a bit about the Commons and the Lords, about MPs’ voting rules and trips to the pub. And we got to hear about all of that in the magnificent Parliament buildings, which are full of ornate carvings and decoration, plus some wonderful sculptures and paintings. It was a fantastic experience, enhanced by daughter getting to play the part of Samuel Pepys.
Well that’s the good part covered – so what was frustrating? In order to keep up with the tour there just wasn’t enough time to really appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the buildings. I think that one day I’ll have to go again and do the self guided audio tour so that I take my time and take everything in. Also, the photographer in me was frustrated that there was so many magnificent shots available, except that in most areas photography was not allowed. And of course in the two areas where it was OK to take photos we were ont he tour and time was limited. Ah well, I have my memories and maybe, just maybe, they might take up my suggestion of arranging photographic tours?
Following our tour we made our way across town and I snapped some pleasant pics around Piccadilly and we had a superb dinner to celebrate our anniversary. So the good outweighed the bad at the end of the day.


I've been a keen photographer for many years now. I work hard to get good shots and build a collection of photos that help make a special set of memories. Whether you're having a party, a wedding, or any other kind of event I will focus on your needs.

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