Hip Hip Hooray for Bunkfest

I had the pleasure of attending Bunkfest at Wallingford recently. For those that don’t know, this is a festival with music, dance, beer, food, stalls, entertainment for children, crafts, and a singing train! What more could you want?
I primarily watched the ever lovely Rose Hips folk bellydance troupe, who always put on a fantastic display full of gorgeous colours, swirling energy and a vibrant sense of fun. Also performing that afternoon were a number of morris dance groups including the dramatic Beltane Border Morris, Dr Turberville’s, Royal Oak Morris and Ellington Morris.
Of course taking photos of dancing isn’t always straightforward. The rapid movement keeps you on your toes and can of course lead to unwanted blur. On the other hand some images should convey a sense of movement and energy. Put the dancers in a crowded street, or an even more crowded pub and things get more interesting. But that’s what makes it fun, and very satisfying when you get a few shots you’re pleased with.