Some days just don’t go to plan

Some days just don’t go quite to plan. When my parents were visiting they took me and my daughter out to Nuffield Place, a local National Trust property. We had an interesting morning learning about his philanthropy, and hunting round the house for objects that my daughter had to find in a trail. It seems that Lord and/or Lady Nuffield loved Scottie Dogs. Despite the forecast of sunny intervals, it was decidedly overcast, but it was at least warm so after a spot of lunch we headed to the sprinklers at Wallingford. But unfortunately they were shut for cleaning. After watching the maintenance workers for a while we realised the sprinklers weren’t going to be working that day and headed home. Later, just as we were getting ready for my daughter’s swimming lesson, with plans for me and Dad to join her in the pool at the end of the lesson there was a call to tell us the pool was closed due to “unforeseen circumstances”. So with no sprinklers and no swimming we remained well and truly dry. But at least I got a nice informal snap of my parents and daughter to remember the day by.


Had a fantastic day out in the summer with family to Longleat. The safari was really cool, and we braved the monkey section with awesome results. Instead of damaging the car (as we’d feared might happen) a cute but cheeky little fellow scampered on board and sat on the bonnet giving us a prime view as he picked leaves and berries out from under the wipers and from nooks and crannies, cleaning the car as he had a rare feast. When he’d had enough he whizzed away and another monkey, carrying her baby, came and picked up the leftovers. Very, very cute! Not the easiest photos, through glass, and shooting into the sun, but a couple of nice shots to help remember a special afternoon.