About me and my style


Hi. My name is Sam, I live in Didcot, Oxfordshire,  and I  taking photos.

One of my favourite things is to photograph is people enjoying themselves. Celebrations such as weddings, parties, anniversaries, christenings show the brighter side of life that is a beauty to capture in photographs to help us look back on those special times in years to come. I like to build up a set of images that show the real “flavour” of the event, including the key moments, the colours, the people, the emotions, and the little details that make each event unique.

As someone who likes to be on one side of the camera and not the other, I understand that having the camera focused on you can be awkward, maybe daunting. You may not even be convinced that you want many photos taking? I predict however that if you could see into the future, that you would appreciate the benefit of having some fabulous pictures to help jog your memory and relive those special moments. If the event is good enough to celebrate then why not go that extra bit and make sure it gets remembered. After all, memories do fade…

Or perhaps you feel you should have a few pictures, but don’t see the need to get a photographer? After all, everyone has cameras on their phones these days, right? That’s true, but I have a sneaky feeling that having an experienced person focusing on getting the very best images will be more rewarding in the end. If you’re a bit concerned about having all eyes and lenses looking at you then maybe you need one person, who has taken the time to listen to you, understand your needs and concerns, who will work with you to help you relax, take the pressure off so you can enjoy yourself, and who you can trust to produce beautifully relaxed photos that really make you and all your party shine and look your best. Let me be that person – I will go the extra mile to tailor my service to your needs. Whether you want all day coverage of a wedding from bridal preparations to the first dance and beyond, a couple of hours for a birthday party, or anything in between, I look forward to helping show your event in all its glory. And with truly bespoke service, you don’t have to worry about picking the best “package” – you pay for the service you want, no more no less, and definitely no hidden surprises.

If you’d like to see what I can do, there are links to portfolios below, feel free to have a browse. And have a look at other parts of my site – there are galleries from specific work I’ve done for people, and a blog about my own life and photos. As Mum to an 11 year old girl there’s plenty going on and this will give you a little insight into me and my style. And if there is anything you’d like to ask, please get in touch.

Portfolio: example photos of weddings

Portfolio: example photos from parties

Portfolio: performances

Portfolio: examples of community events

Thank you! I hope to hear from you soon.

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